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A swimming pool is a hugely beneficial addition to any property but only if they are working properly. When you area considering buying a home with an existing swim space or are experiencing issues with your current system, it is always a good idea to call an expert for your Wildwood pool inspections.

There is never a bad time to have an expert inspect your pool but the most common time to call in the pros is when you are purchasing a property, selling a property or you suspect that your system is struggling. Swimming pools are complicated structures that rely on a wide range of components like foundations, liners, internal water systems, plumbing and even water chemistry. Without technical training it is easy to overlook one of these areas, leading to the need for unexpected repairs and replacements along with a whole lot of headache — so leave it to a Puddle Pro instead!

Level I Swimming Pool Inspections: What to Expect

A standard home inspection is a major part of any house purchase but when you are looking to buy a home with a pool, this often isn’t enough. On average, home inspectors are experienced with foundations, roofing and even electrical but very few of these are familiar with the ins and outs of a pool and spa. A pool inspector, on the other hand is able to provide insight into the functionality and operations of your swim space.

Visual Inspections: A trained eye can spot problem areas that would normally go unchecked by pool owners. Local pool technicians are able to perform visual inspections of concrete poolsides, as well as tears in vinyl liners that can be contributing to leaks. When caught early, a small tear in a liner can be repaired with a vinyl patch but if left alone, tears will become larger and will need a full replacement.

Testing of Internal Water Systems: It is easy to miss issues that are happening behind the scenes of a swimming pool and that is why Puddle technicians test everything from plumbing and return lines, pumps and heaters to make sure that internal water systems are working in the way that they should be and point out potential issues if there are any. This also includes an overview of the pool filter, skimmer baskets, pool covers and even the tiles that skirt the edge of the pool area.

Safety Inspections: In addition to examining the condition of the pool itself, it is important to consider the surrounding area and safety equipment that is there. In the same way that pool equipment can age or corrode, so can the accessories and safety features around it. If the fixtures on a diving board or slide have come loose, this can result in serious injuries, as well as damage. Ensuring that railings, ladders and other additions are properly grounded helps to keep swimmers safe.

Puddle Pool Inspection Services: How Puddle Technicians Work

Local Puddle technicians understand what your water systems are up against, so we know exactly what to watch out for and that means peace of mind for buyers, sellers and current owners. Pool specialists arrive on scene with the right testing tools and technical knowledge to address surface issues as well as internal systems.

It is important to note that Level I Pool Inspections do not come with a written report and are focused on function and cannot be used for permitting or construction purposes.

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