Wildwood Pool Leak Detection

When it comes to swimming pools, even a small leak can cause a ton of issues. The average pool holds thousands of gallons of water so even a pinhole leak means severe water loss. A leak is not only inconvenient, it can cause a ton of damage to surrounding areas so quick action is the key to avoiding disaster. Luckily, there are Puddle Pros in your area that are ready and available to track leaks down for you. Wildwood pool leak detection services track leaks in structures, plumbing lines and in equipment, isolating problem areas for repair. 

Swimming pool leaks are complicated because they can occur just about anywhere and at any time. A sharp piece of debris will cause a tear in a pool liner while a fallen branch or other heavy materials will result in cracked poolsides. Physical damage can cause surface and structural cracks and corrosion or root damage can cause underground leaks. Some of these are easier to diagnose while others are happening behind the scenes. Local Puddle Pool specialists have all of the right technical knowledge, resources, skill and equipment to identify where your leak is coming from and isolate affected areas.

Leak Detection in Pools: Identifying a Leak 

There are plenty of reasons that your swimming pool might be losing water and not all of them are leaks. When you notice that your is dropping there are a few things that you can keep an eye on, namely the water level itself. It is normal for water levels to drop a couple of inches over the course of the week, particularly when exposed to high heats or if there are many people using it. Every body that climbs out of your pool takes pool water with it. This, combined with evaporation can mean losing roughly 3 inches of water over the course of a week. If you are seeing more than this, or are losing this much in a day, don’t hesitate to call a Pro! 

If your water bill is steadily rising your swimming pool might just be the culprit. Water leaks will also lead to pooling on surfaces. If you start to notice puddles forming on your property without cause, it might just be a pool leak. If you suspect that you are dealing with a leak, it might be time for a bucket test. This involves taking a bucket of pool water and setting it next to your basin. When exposed to the same conditions, the water level should drop the same way in the bucket and in the pool itself. If water levels are significantly lower in pools, you are likely dealing with a leak. 

In addition to higher water bills and daily running costs, water leaks put strain on internal systems. This means components and equipment have to work harder, putting undue wear and tear on these areas. Strain will shorten the lifespan of necessary components. Water will also displace soil under and around swimming pools, shifting foundations and weight dispersion which can lead to breakage and the need for costly repairs and replacements. 

Pool Leak Detection: How Puddle Experts Get Results 

There is a big difference between noticing that you are losing water and finding the source. The longer that a leak is allowed to persist the worse your issue becomes, ranging from small scale water damage to shifting foundations for pool structures, pool decking and even homes! When you need to find a leak, don’t waste a minute and call a Puddle Pro instead. Our team of pool experts can diagnose water loss in vinyl liners, concrete pools, water lines, pool equipment and more in residential and commercial pools. 

By offering pressure testing as well as dye tests, Puddle Pros can identify areas of water loss, as well as isolating affected areas and helping to organize repair services in the Wildwood area. Calling an expert for your swimming pool leak detection helps to avoid disaster, so call a Pro today! 

In addition to water leak detection, Puddle Pool Services offer routine cleanings, single service calls, inspections, hot tub care and seasonal maintenance to keep your systems running smoothly all year long. 

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