Wildwood Pool Opening

When warm weather comes back around, pool owners are quick to get their systems up and running. Making the most out of the swim season means having swim spaces clean and functional and our Puddle technicians are here to help! Professional Wildwood pool opening services test and balance water, ditch debris and eliminate algae, all at an affordable rate.

Every year, pool owners pull back winter covers only to be met with unexpected surprises. If your swimming pool looks like a swamp, don’t waste time and energy on an amateur approach and call an expert instead. It is easy to waste time and money on test strips, pool chemicals and pool equipment but you don’t have to worry about that with a bit of help from an expert. When you want the best results for your spring pool care, call a local Puddle Pro and make the most out of the warm weather!

Spring Pool Maintenance: How to Get Great Results

Anyone can grab a garden hose to fill an empty pool but restoring pool water is another story all together. Unlike a bath tub, you can’t just empty a swimming pool anytime you see debris or discolouration. Harsh chemicals or hard bristle brushes can strip away protective coatings and cause unexpected damage. A heavy hand can cause damage while too few chemicals can lead to contaminated water. So, what is the best way to open your pool?

Just like a pool closure, opening back up in spring requires multiple steps. In fact, you are essentially undoing everything that was completed as part of the pool closing process. Winterizing plugs in fall is necessary so it is important to make sure that they are open for water flow in spring. It is also important to replace any components that had been removed and stored over the course of the off-season.

The first step to any opening is to shock pool water, killing off bacteria and clearing away any cloudiness or discolouration that has formed. From here, debris is removed, sides, flooring and stairs are scrubbed, skimmers baskets are emptied and water systems should be tested to ensure that they are working properly. If water levels were dropped in an inground pool it is important to add water and above ground pools will need to have water bags removed.

An opening is also an ideal time to inspect drain plugs and replace solid winter covers for mesh spring ones. Storing your pool cover can be a pain with limited space but making the switch from a solid cover to a mesh one can help to keep the costs of heating pool water down by allowing sunlight in. All pool equipment from the cover, pump, motor and liner plays a role in your water system so it is important to keep them all in good, working order.

A pool opening is a complex process and can’t be done in 24 hours. Balancing your pool water can’t be done with a simple test kit alone and pool vacuums can’t get rid of all pool debris, so trust an expert for the best results at any time of year.

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