Toronto Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Part of what makes Toronto such a high profile tourist location are its distinct changes of seasons. During summer when the sun is high, you can expect hot weather and plenty of chances to enjoy a pool. As cold weather rolls into town, you can expect frost and snow fall. It can be difficult for residents to adjust to sudden temperature snaps, but it is even worse for your pool system. Calling a Puddle Pool Pro for your Toronto seasonal pool maintenance means enjoying the seasons without the stress of an added chore.

An experienced technique can take your pool care from a stressful situation and turn it into a breeze. Whether you are looking for a smooth pool opening in spring or a thorough closing in fall, it takes more than replacing or removing a safety cover. In order to protect your water system, it is important to dig deep, inspecting and draining inner mechanisms as well as setting the stage with a clean skimmer basket and balanced water chemistry.

Planning Around Your Swimming Season

As the seasons change, so do the needs of your pool. Building a functional summer schedule is great, but these won’t work throughout colder months. In order to keep swimming pools in great shape throughout the year, it is important to cater your service both to the overall age, style and condition of your swim space, as well as the climate of the surrounding area.

Like any care and maintenance practices, pool cleaning should be broken up into a multi-step approach. Hiring a professional for your pool closing or opening means access to a trained eye that can focus on interior mechanics, unseen components, sides and surfaces, as well as water condition and pool equipment.

Pool Closing: Replacing a summer safety cover for a winter cover is a great way to limit the risk associated with bacteria buildup and algae growth. A mesh cover in warm weather can allow for heat penetration, improving temperatures, but in colder months, sunlight, warmth and dampness allow for algae to grow, ruining water condition. As temperatures drop, it is also important to consider the risk of frozen water. Dropping your water level below skimmers and jets is a great way to prevent damage and weakening to vulnerable areas. Removing the hose from the skimmer and flushing return lines, can have the same effect, protecting unseen areas.

Pool Opening: When the weather gets warm, it is tempting to pull back a pool cover and dive on in. Before you hit that diving board, it is important to perform a thorough inspection of your swim space to ensure that it is safe to use. If you have performed a proper closing, you will have to remove a winterized drain plug, raise the level of your pool water, replace a removable cartridge filter (if you had removed it on closing) or check the condition of your sand filter and even plumbing lines. With a trained eye, this process can be quick without sacrificing quality, so lean on a professional to get the best results.

Puddle Pool Service: Only the Best For Your Opening and Closing Needs

For the best results, seasonal pool care should work alongside regular servicing, this ensures that your system stays in great shape, all year long. Puddle is not your average pool company, but is locally owned, operated and fully insured to protect properties, and our technicians.

A proper pool closing can help to set the stage for a smoother opening, come spring. A trained eye can help to identify potential issues before they turn into absolute disasters. Catching anything early can help to avoid costly repairs, premature replacements and damage associated with leaks, flooding, rot and mold. Call today for your free estimate.

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