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Toronto is known for its hustle and bustle but it is important to take a beat to kick back and relax, and a swimming pool can help! Fitness centres, hotels, gyms, spas and more offer clean and sanitary swim spaces for clients to use regularly. A great pool can be a huge draw for new customers, guests in hotels, and even potential homebuyers, so make sure that your swim space stays in great shape. Professional Toronto commercial pool services keep water balanced, circulation systems running smoothly and helps to cut costs for repairs, and even utilities. Reduce your running costs and keep customers happy with a bit of help from a Puddle pro.

There are plenty of pool service businesses throughout the Greater Toronto Area, but our Puddle pros set themselves apart with timely service and a wide range of treatment options. Instead of trying to apply a one-size-fits-all approach to commercial swim spaces, our team of experts create a cleaning technique that is customized to the unique needs of your space. Local pool pros understand exactly what your water systems are up against, so there is no one better to trust with your commercial pool care.

Commercial Pool Cleaning & Maintenance: Great Results For Any Location

Business structures should always be kept clean in order to make a great first impression, and your pool should be no different. Pool maintenance is important in any swim space, but it is particularly important for businesses. One missed cleaning for your pool or hot tub can result in skin irritation, eye and ear infections, or digestive issues in one, or even hundreds of individuals. This is enough to ruin your reputation and scare away traffic. Puddle Pools Pros help local businesses put their best foot forward with an in-depth, multi-step approach to maintenance.

In the event that improperly balanced water has impacted one of your customers, a business owner might have to deal with liability issues. General liability insurance is standard for a small business, as well as a large ones but these can still go from small issues to large ones. In order to maintain a sanitary swim space, it is important to inspect and treat equipment and supplies as well.

Puddle Pool Care For Businesses: Hotel Pool Care Made Easy

Toronto is a Canadian hot spot for tourists and that means plenty of opportunity for hotel owners all across the GTA. A clean and inviting swimming pool can be a major selling point for travellers, sometimes being the difference between being fully booked and half capacity. Trying to tackle your hotel pool and space cleaning with a DIY approach comes along with high startup costs, subpar results and a lot of time and money spent on trial and error.

When you want to keep your hotel guests happy, let a Puddle Pro keep pool water crystal clear and systems running smoothly. In order to accommodate the unique needs of your space Puddle offers commercial pool maintenance plans that can be catered to the age and condition of your pool, as well as the level of traffic in and out of your swim space. A clean pool means better reviews, a higher rate of customer service and a better chance of repeat clients so call an expert to handle your pool and spa.

The Puddle Guarantee: Great Results For Your Commercial Swimming Pool

Anyone can start a pool cleaning business, but not everyone makes it their passion. Puddle Pros are keen to keep communities clean and safe, while making pool cleaning accessible for all types of properties in the area. Unlike other pool cleaning companies, each member of the Puddle team is local to your area, so we understand what your property is up against.

Puddle pool cleaning services offer regular cleanings, as well as seasonal care and deep cleans. If a pool has been neglected, it might have signs of algae, cloudy water or discolourations. Calling a pool expert at the first sign of a struggle can help to reduce your system’s down time and help to keep it running.

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