Etobicoke Residential Pool Services

Having a swimming pool at home adds a lot of value to any property, but taking care of them can be a real headache. In addition to standard skimming and chemical applications, getting the best results from a pool or hot tub means treating the inner-workings that keep water moving. When you want great results for your swim space without sacrificing your leisure time, our Puddle Pros want to help! Professional Etobicoke residential pool services provide top-to-bottom cleans, water balancing and inspections to keep things running smoothly.

Unlike a commercial pool or swim space, pool care at home does not come with a team of employees to help keep up. Depending on the areas surrounding your swimming pool, removing debris can be an everyday activity. It is easy to overlook the needs of your pool, particularly in the middle of a busy work week. Instead of struggling to keep up with water systems, have a Puddle technician handle it for you!

Residential Pool Care: How Your Swimming Pool Impacts Your Home

There are plenty of ways to enjoy a swimming pool. You might be hosting a pool party, organizing a barbecue or just creating an oasis for relaxation, but however you use your swim space, it is always important that it is clean. Anyone can add chemicals or toss in a chlorine puck now and then, but failing to properly balance water chemistry will lead to health risks for anyone swimming inside, and can lead to damage to water systems. Avoiding damage and keeping swimmers safe involves applying a multi-step approach that caters to internal areas and surfaces, as well as water chemistry.

Water Chemistry: It can take years to fully understand how the age and condition of your pool, as well as the climate and outdoor temperatures can impact the overall condition of your swim space. High heats will burn off chemicals, while heavy rains will dilute them. It is important to tweak chemical treatments throughout the year in order to keep water clean and clear. When you have cloudy water, you can shock your pool for an instant visual improvement but ensuring that water is sanitary means measuring chlorine levels, pH levels, alkalinity, calcium levels and more.

Pool Surfaces: Spotting a bit of debris floating along the surface of pool water is common enough but as unwanted items build up over time, they can lead to serious issues for your swimming pool. Heavy items will sink to the bottom of the pool, sitting against vinyl liners and leaving stains behind. Lighter items float on water surfaces, being sucked into the skimmer basket or breaking apart and clogging up the pool filter. A testing kit can point out issues with pool chemicals but they cannot tell you when your cartridge filter needs replacing! When you want to keep your pool cleaner, ditch the test strips and call in an expert.

Internal Components: Any type of clog or blockage puts additional strain on water systems, forcing circulation and filtration systems to work harder and increasing energy usage. Over the course of the year, Etobicoke goes through a range of temperature fluctuations, with an emphasis on winter. Freezing temperatures make plastic brittle and can lead to warped materials and even burst pipes. Regular inspection of the pool pump, motor and more can help to spot the need for preventative measures before disaster strikes.

Expert Pool Maintenance & Cleaning in the Etobicoke Area

Puddle technicians are committed to getting great results for our communities — and that means you! Local services provide pool cleaning and treatments throughout the year, ensuring that your system stays clean and running through rain, shine or cold weather. With options for weekly and bi-weekly cleaning programs, as well as deep cleans or restorative treatments and seasonal care.

Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to protect properties, as well as services and results. Highly trained and experienced technicians offer custom, specialized services, performed with top of the line tools and techniques to achieve the best possible results.

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