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After a long, cold winter, pool owners want to rip off winter covers and soak up the sun, poolside. As great as this sounds, there is a lot of work involved in opening a swimming pool for the spring. When you want to open your pool, it is important to focus on water condition, as well as filtration systems, liners, pool equipment and the internal components that keep it moving. Calling an expert for your Etobicoke pool opening means letting a Pro handle your water systems, from the inside out.

Whether you are opening or closing a water system, seasonal pool maintenance is always a multi-step approach that caters to the unique needs of your swimming pool, the surrounding area and the climate. Just shocking the pool isn’t enough to restore water that has been sitting stagnant for months. An amateur approach to pool opening cannot only produce subpar results, it can drag on for days, or even weeks. When you want to make the most out of the summer months, let a Puddle Pro open your pool with in-depth cleanings and an efficient approach.

Seasonal Pool Care: The Best Way to Open a Swimming Pool For Spring

A pool can be opened when the average outdoor temperature reaches 21 degrees. This is the point when cold snaps and freezing temperatures become unlikely. Unlike grabbing a garden hose and filling up a kiddie pool, water care for a pool or hot tub requires a more technical approach. Opening your swim space means understanding what was done during closing. If pools have been closed properly, opening back up is a breeze — as long as you know what to look out for.

Prepping Pool Equipment: It isn’t magic that makes your pool run, it is circulation systems, like pool pumps, motors and more. It takes prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures for swimming pools to freeze over, but winter in Ontario fits this bill! If small amounts of water freeze inside lines and vulnerable areas, it makes plastic components brittle and causes pipes to expand and potentially burst. Dropping the water level and winterizing plugs prevents water from seeping into vulnerable areas. Opening back up means restoring water levels and opening drains back up so water can move freely throughout the water system. Everything from the pool cover, pump, drain plugs and even diving boards should be inspected and cleaned at the start of spring.

Water Balance: After long periods of disuse, tossing a water sample into a testing kit is not enough to properly assess the condition of your pool water, particularly if chemical treatments have been lacking over the winter months. Having water tested by an expert doesn’t just point out issues with chlorine levels, it focuses on pH levels, alkalinity, calcium levels and more. Following a long winter, there is likely going to be bacteria and algae blooms around your water space.

Inspecting Structures: Over the course of the year, your swimming pool is up against the elements. Everything from sharp debris, quick fluctuations in temperature and freezing can lead to unexpected damage to components and even tears to liners. A trained eye can pinpoint potential problems before they lead to wide-spread damage.

Puddle Pool Opening Services: Great Results Throughout Etobicoke

Hiring expert pool cleaning throughout the summer months is a no-brainer, but pool owners are not always quick to call for an opening. Unlike a standard pool service, an opening is what sets the tone for the entirety of the swimming season. Instead of struggling to get the right results, have an expert handle the heavy lifting for you.

Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to provide peace of mind and excellent results to homes and commercial properties throughout the Etobicoke area. With booking options available by phone or online 24 hours a day, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle technician to book a pool opening appointment and make the most out of your summer.

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