Etobicoke Hot Tub Maintenance

Purchasing a hot tub can be an exciting process, but the overall care and maintenance is not. A tub or spa is an investment in your property, but without routine care and cleaning, these can quickly become costly, unusable, and in some cases, health risks. If you want to enjoy your water features without the hassle, call a Puddle Pool Pro for your Etobicoke hot tub maintenance.

Each member of the Puddle team is highly experienced, fully insured and committed to keeping our communities running smoothly. Making professional hot tub cleaning a part of your maintenance routine, not only means great looks and greater usability, but it means prolonging the lifespan of your system. Keep costs down and increase enjoyment with a bit of help from our local technicians.

Routine Spa Care Vs. Deep Cleans

It is easy to take a dip in a hot tub, only to hop back out, close the cover and forget about the additional needs of your water system. This might work for a day or two, but over prolonged periods of sitting stagnant, or even a bit of neglect, your hot tub will be left looking worse for the wear. In addition to looking awful, contaminated or murky water can lead to health issues, foul smells and unnecessary wear and tear to your system.

Regular Hot Tub Care: All models of hot tubs have different cleaning requirements, like added steps or a different approach to cleaning filtration systems. Without in-depth training, it can take years to fine tune your maintenance routine, but our Puddle Pros have done the heavy lifting for you. From chlorine to bromine, filter cartridges and sand filters, there is nothing that our experts can’t handle. Bi-weekly services ensure that your hot tub chemicals are kept in balance, and that you maintain a safe and sanitary swim space for guests, tenants, customers, friends and family. In addition to keeping your spa water clean, routine care can help to identify structural or mechanical issues before they become disasters.

Refreshing Your System: If you are noticing algae blooms, murky water or discolourations within your system, it might be tempting to drain the hot tub and fill it back up with a garden hose. This might seem like a good idea at the time, but an amateur approach can quickly lead to extensive (and expensive!) water damage to surrounding areas. Calling in expert hot tub services means getting a proper drain and clean, with the use of specialized tools and chemicals to get the job done right. Diluted white vinegar might be an eco-friendly alternative to chemical cleaners indoors, but these are not enough to treat stubborn growth, like algae.

Unlike a standard bathtub, having to drain and refill a hot tub is a complicated process. Failing to cycle spa water regularly can have negative effects on water features, as well as anyone that steps inside it. An improper draining can flood lawns, allow water to seep into sensitive areas, causing water damage, rot, foul smells and other nasty surprises.

Puddle Pool Services: Not Your Average Hot Tub Cleaning

When you want great results for your swim space, it is about more than the obvious areas and surface levels. It is important to dig deep into your system, inspecting everything from pumps to motors, hot tub filters and even the spa cover. In the same way that sides and floors can hold onto residue or develop mold, so can your hot tub cover. Test strips might be able to alert you to issues with your hot tub water, but for everything else, you are left in the dark. When you are in the market for complete water balance and chemical levels, keeping your filter cleaner, swapping out spa filters and an in-depth assessment of the various parts of your hot tub that keep it moving, just call a local Puddle Pro.

Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to protect our communities, services and technicians. For timely service and competitive pricing, our team is fully equipped to service homes, commercial properties and communal spaces. Call today to book your weekly or bi-weekly cleaning services, as well as system refresh and seasonal treatments.

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