Etobicoke Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Throughout Ontario, a seasonal shift can happen in a flash. What might start out as a warm and sunny day can sometimes end in torrential rain or a flurry of snow. It can be tough to keep ahead of the weather, so it is always best to be prepared with expert Etobicoke seasonal pool maintenance services. Planning ahead for winter can help pool owners avoid widespread damage throughout winter, and it can also help to ease openings, letting you enjoy summer, the second that it starts.

When you are in the midst of swimming, pool closing is the last thing on your mind – but it is always on ours! Keeping your pool clean is not an “only in summer” job, but means an all year long process. In addition to maintaining water chemistry, proper seasonal care can help to prolong the lifespan of your construction materials, improve efficiency and prevent the need for unnecessary repairs and premature replacements.

Seasonal Pool Care: What To Do And When

In Etobicoke and surrounding areas, there is a distinct swimming season. Pool owners often choose to shut down their systems at the beginning of fall, following the September long weekend. While building a schedule is a great idea for some maintenance projects, your pool services aren’t always one of them. Closing a pool too early can mean algae growth and a whole lot of headache, while waiting too long can mean extensive damage to your system.

When closing a pool for winter, the average temperature should be 15 degrees or lower. With fluctuating climates, this can mean closing down any time between September and, maybe even stretched into late October. Once you have established the timing, it is important to handle the next question: to drain or not to drain? It can be tempting to take draining your water into your own hands, but with that comes a lot of risk. Improper draining can flood lawns and structures, leading to expensive damage.

Opening an inground or above ground pool should be simple, but without proper closing practices, it can be a time consuming and complicated process. More than just pulling back winter covers and diving in, setting your pool “live” is a multi-step process. In-depth closings mean dropping water levels, so it is important to refill your pool properly, as well as removing water bags, if used. In a cold climate like Ontario’s, pool antifreeze can be added to prevent freezing and the damage that comes along with it.

In addition to treating water on your pool opening, it is important to inspect the inner-workings and mechanisms of your system after a long period of disuse. This means checking everything from the sand filter or cartridge filter, to return lines, safety covers and even diving boards. Winterized drain plugs will need to be removed, but this often requires specialty tools to get the job done properly. Every piece of equipment and accessory plays a role in the overall condition of your water system, so an in-depth approach is a must.

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Treatment At Any Time of Year

Your filtration system and circulations systems do not stop needing attention just because it is cold outside! Whether you are getting ready for the winter season or are opening up in spring, monitoring the chlorine level and emptying the skimmer basket is important throughout the year. Installing a pool cover is a great way to keep debris out but that is not the only piece of pool equipment that you need to be concerned with and that is why our Puddle techs are always on the move.

Instead of only being busy during summer months, our Puddle Pool technicians are hard at work throughout the calendar year. If you want to keep your hot tub running, our experts offer regular cleaning and maintenance throughout fall and winter, so you can kick back and relax, no matter the date. There is never a bad time to call in an expert to handle your water systems.

Our Puddle Pros understand that pools come in all shapes, styles and sizes and that is why we offer treatment plans that cater to high traffic areas, as well as more quiet ones. For backyard systems, high traffic hotels and recreation centres, our experts do it all — at a competitive rate! Call today for your free quote.

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