Etobicoke Pool Leak Detection

There is a big difference between having a leaky faucet and a leak in your pool. The average swimming pool holds thousands of gallons of water at any given time so even a pinhole leak means serious water loss — and that water needs somewhere to go! Even a small leak can cause serious and expensive water damage, flooding, rot, mold and very high water bills. If you are noticing your water levels dropping, don’t hesitate to call Puddle for quick and efficient Etobicoke pool leak detection services. 

Part of what makes leak detection in pools such a pain is that there are so many places that are prone to leaks! Plumbing, structures and even pool equipment are all susceptible to corrosion, physical damage, as well as wear and tear. It is one thing to diagnose a leak and another to find it within your water system. Instead of letting leaks persist or dealing with the damage that they cause, trust a Puddle Pro to track down the source of the leak, isolate the affected area and help to organize leak repair services. 

Pool Leak Detection: From Diagnosis to Repair 

Part of what makes dealing with swimming pool leaks so difficult is figuring out if you are dealing with a leak in the first place. At the height of summer your pool water is prone to evaporation. This is also prime time for swimmers to make the most out of your swim space. With every person that steps in and out of your pool, you are losing water. It is common to notice water loss the day after you host a pool party or over the course of a hot week but if you are noticing more than 3-5 inches of water loss per week, it is time to call in an expert. 

Once you have diagnosed the cause of your water loss, it is time to track down the location of the leak but this is easier said than done! Swimming pools are susceptible to leaks in many areas so finding out exactly what type of leak you are dealing with is key to treating the issue. There isn’t much point in replacing a pool liner only to find out that you have a plumbing leak. Luckily, Puddle technicians are able to test multiple areas, ensuring that there are no water leaks left behind. 

Pressure Testing: A pressure test involves applying a steady stream of pressurized air to plumbing and return lines. This will not only flush the lines but if there is a leak somewhere inside, it will start to show signs. When air meets a leak it will cause air bubbles to form, or if water is saturated from an underground leak it will start to make gurgling nosies. Even if you can’t hear them on your own, specialized listening equipment can be used to track and treat leaks. 

Dye Testing: In the event that you are dealing with a crack in concrete or tear in a vinyl liner, a dye test can help to identify problem areas. This process involves using coloured dyes, strategically placed into still pool water. When correctly placed, heavy dyes are drawn to leaks. Coloured dyes can be tracked visually where assessments are formed about whether you are dealing with a torn liner or cracked foundation. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Water Leak Detection Across Etobicoke 

Keeping up with pool maintenance can feel like a full time job so the second that something goes wrong it is overwhelming. Local pros are ready to offer the best in Canada leak detection for homes and commercial spaces. If you suspect a leak, detect and repair it with one phone call to a Puddle technician. Our highly experienced teams are able to track down and isolate problem areas and help to organize repair services with fellow industry experts. 

In addition to offering swimming pool leak detection, highly trained Puddle crews offer inspections, routine cleaning programs, seasonal care and service calls to better serve pool owners in the Etobicoke area. 

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