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What could be better than having a pool right in your own backyard? Swimming pools add value to any property, but this doesn’t come without a lot of hard work. Keeping up with the demands of a water system means daily skimming, regular water balancing and a whole lot of TLC. Taking an amateur approach can overlook one or more aspects of proper cleaning, leading to serious issues within your system. Calling an expert for your Dundas residential pool services helps to keep your water clean and system running smoothly, at any time of year.

The Importance of Pool Care at Home

As great as a pool might be for the overall value and enjoyment of a property, taking care of them is no picnic. Just because a backyard pool does not have the same traffic as a public swim space doesn’t mean that it is not up against the same type of contaminants. Pool owners are responsible for everyone that sets foot inside it and this means it is extremely important to keep up with the condition of structures, pool water, and the internal mechanisms that keep water systems running.

A pool is an investment in your property and that makes residential pool care an investment in your investment. Repair costs and replacements are huge expenses when necessary but the condition of your pool can also cause an increase in everyday bills. When your circulation system is strained it forces mechanisms to work harder, using more energy to circulate and heat water. A clean and efficient system eliminates the need for premature repairs, helps to avoid expensive replacements and can reduce running costs. In order to get the best results for your system, it is important to consider regular cleaning, seasonal care and deep cleans when necessary.

Routine Pool Cleaning: No one wants to step foot in a dirty swimming pool, and there can be serious consequences if you do. Missing just one or two chemical treatments can create cloudy water, discolouration, bad smells or even allow algae to begin to bloom. Test strips can point out certain issues but they do not account for every aspect of your water balance. Ditch the testing kit and have water tested by an expert, measuring chlorine level, pH levels, total alkalinity and more. In addition to keeping it clean, it is important to keep water circulating. Keeping an eye on filtration systems is a major part of proper pool care, but it is important to know what to look out for. Large amounts of debris will clog up skimmer baskets and small bits and pieces can become lodged in the pool filter. Visual inspections can help to identify issues with your sand or cartridge filter.

Seasonal Pool Maintenance: As seasons change, it is common for pool systems to be left out in the cold. When temperatures begin to drop to an average of 15 degrees, it is time to close down your pool. This means dropping the water level and winterizing plugs to protect the pool pump, lines and more. In Ontario, a pool opening comes on the heels of a long, cold winter. Pools are often overlooked during long periods of cold weather and that means that water chemistry is often off. Restoring water balance requires a multi-step approach of scrubbing, skimming, vacuuming and chemical applications. Missing just one of these steps can have a ripple effect throughout your pool system. Hiring an expert for your seasonal pool care ensures that you do not miss any of these steps.

Deep Cleans: If your water system has gone through long periods of disuse or neglect, chances are that it will need an overhaul. Refreshing your system is similar to an opening process as far as it needs a multi-step chemical approach, as well as hard scrubbing, vacuuming and inspections. An amateur approach to deep cleanings can result in drainage issues, flooding, leaks, water damage and more.

Puddle Pool Services: Keeping Your Pool Cleaner, For Longer Periods

Each member of the Puddle team is local to your area, so we know exactly what you are up against. Instead of struggling through trial and error, have an expert handle the heavy lifting for you. Each member of the team is committed to getting the best possible results all throughout the Dundas area. Puddle technicians are fully insured to provide peace of mind, alongside excellent results. With options for routine maintenance, system refreshes and seasonal care, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle Pro.

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