Dundas Seasonal Pool Maintenance

The start of summer might have you reaching for the garden hose in order to beat the heat but nothing beats diving into a crystal clear pool. Even if you are used to the basic maintenance for keeping your water feature in great shape, a pool opening or closing is a whole different animal. Instead of trying to keep up with the changing seasons, call an expert for your Dundas seasonal pool maintenance.

Maintaining a swimming pool is difficult enough throughout the year, but as temperatures begin to drop, it is time for the real heavy lifting. There is more to a pool closing than putting on a winter cover and hoping for the best. Caring for a water feature is a multi-step approach and it takes years to perfect – but our Puddle Pool technicians have it down to an art!

Seasonal Pool Care: What to Do and When

In the same way that you might weather-proof your home for a changing of the season, it is important to do this for your water features as well. Taking an amateur approach to seasonal pool care might create a superficial improvement but when you want real results, a multi-step approach is the way to go.

What to Do When Closing Down: It is hard to say goodbye to summer but waiting too long to close down your pool can lead to serious and expensive damage. Instead of waiting until the last moment, calling ahead can help to create a treatment schedule that works for your unique system. It is important to drop the water level in order to not have frozen pipes crack or become damaged when it contracts and expands. After drainage, any remaining water should be shocked to ensure algae does not take hold while it sits stagnant. Any pool equipment, such as skimmer baskets should be removed and cleaned.

Opening Up Your Pool: You might be keen to fill up your pool at the first sign of warmer weather, but there are steps to be taken before this takes place. The chances are, that after months of sitting idle, your pool might show some signs of stain and scale. While water levels are low, it is a great opportunity to check floors, stairs or a pool wall for any signs of growth or discolourations. Taking the time to blow out the lines around your pool can also help to dislodge any unseen debris that might have settled in over winter.

Before opening up or closing down, it is important to do a proper survey of your water feature and its inner mechanisms. Caring for the pump and filter is just as important as treating water and surfaces. There are certain things that you can expect from a cartridge filter and others that you can expect from a sand filter and knowing the difference is the key to success.

Choosing Puddle For Your Seasonal Pool Services

It takes years of trial and error to figure out how to keep a pool clean, but luckily, our Puddle Pool Pros have put the work in for you. Not only do our highly trained technicians understand the importance of having your system, water tested, but also know the ins and outs of care for pools and surrounding areas. Many pool owners don’t consider how the condition of diving boards can impact the overall condition of a pool, but it does! Instead of spending hours and hours learning about the mechanics of a pool, call in an expert for safe, reliable services.

The pool cleaning industry does not stop just because it isn’t swimming season and that is why our Puddle Pros are always on the go. From addressing return lines and safety covers to providing insight into the conditions and environmental impact of surroundings. The needs of your property can change in the blink of an eye, so don’t let 24 hours be the difference between a great pool and a massive headache.

Puddle services are available as a one-time call out, or as part of a pool routine. For high traffic areas, such as hotels or recreational swim centres, or single family homes, our expert technicians offer services on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly rate. Call today for a free quote.

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