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In a commercial space your structures are your business cards and that goes for pools as well. No one wants to step foot into dirty pool water, particularly when they are paying for the experience! Cloudy or discoloured water can leave hotel guests, gym members or guests with a bad taste in their mouths, but our Puddle Pros can help! Professional Dundas commercial pool services protect swimmers, as well as your reputation and helps to keep running costs down.

Commercial pool care is a complicated process that involves a lot of time and energy. When maintaining a business, owners and managers are being pulled in all directions, but even a bit of neglect can leave a swimming pool or hot tub in bad shape. Puddle technicians provide expert pool care for businesses of all styles and sizes throughout the Dundas area.

Commercial Pool Cleaning: What to Know & What to Watch Out For

The average commercial swimming pool is a high traffic environment. Whether at home or at work, regular maintenance is important for any water feature but the more people that use your system, the more important it becomes. Business owners are responsible for dozens — if not hundreds! — of individuals every day. In order to protect the health and safety of everyone using your pool system, it is important to care for your water, structures and mechanisms on a regular basis, as well as performing seasonal care duties.

Water Testing: Water condition is a huge part of pool maintenance. Contaminated water has a negative impact on the overall condition of a swim space, but it can also lead to serious health and safety issues. When chemical and sanitizer levels are too low it can lead to ear and eye infections, as well as digestive issues and even (in extreme cases) e-coli poisoning. If chemical levels are too high they can create skin irritations.

Pool Equipment Inspections: No pool is complete without a functional circulation system. Even when water surfaces are skimmed regularly, debris will find a way into filters and skimmer baskets. If pool filters are clogged, it is more difficult for water to flow through, putting strain on systems. Added strain can reduce the lifespan of necessary components like pumps and motors, leading to premature replacements or expensive repairs. The more that a system strains, the harder it has to work and the more energy it uses. If you are noticing utility bills are on the rise, your pool might just be the culprit.

Seasonal Practices: For an outdoor swimming pool, it is important to treat systems according to the weather. A pool opening or closing is a multi-day process with many moving parts. Keeping on top of seasonal maintenance can be overwhelming and this leads to steps being missed, resulting in subpar results. When temperatures reach an average of 15 degrees, it is time to close down your pool system. Openings aren’t restricted to the May long weekend but can be done anytime after the average outdoor temperature reaches 21 degrees.

Puddle Pool Cleaning Services: Great Results For Any Commercial Space

By calling in a professional pool service, business owners can rest easy knowing that they are getting great results with none of the effort. It is not easy to start a pool cleaning business, and it is even harder to create a positive reputation to go along with it but our Puddle technicians have done just that! Throughout the Dundas area our pool specialists have a long list of happy customers ranging from small businesses, larger companies, and everything in-between. With options for regular cleaning as well as seasonal care and one-time deep cleans and refreshes, our technicians are making communities safe and swimmable, one local pool at a time.

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