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Being able to step out of your back door and step into a swimming pool is a huge asset to any home. What could be better than beating the summer heat right at home? Not much! As easy as it is to enjoy a swim space, it is a lot harder to keep them clean. If you find skimming, scrubbing and water balancing is eating up your free time, call a Puddle Pro to handle it for you instead. Expert Bowmanville residential pool services provide routine care and single services to keep your water crystal clear and systems running smoothly. 

It is easy to spend a summer day swimming at a public pool and then pack up and head home when you’re done. Pool care at home is another story all together. As a pool owner you should spend more time enjoying your swim space than cleaning it and our Puddle technicians are here to help! 

Residential Pool Care: Top to Bottom Cleans For Your Swim Space 

Keeping a pool clean is about more than just running a pool vacuum and shocking the pool every now and then. A handful of test strips can help to point out serious imbalances in water chemistry but if you don’t know how to fix the issue, the results just aren’t relevant. Instead of struggling through periods of trial and error, only to end up with subpar results, let a local Puddle Pro handle the heavy lifting for you. 

Removing Debris: When dealing with an outdoor pool it is common to see organic debris like leaves, sticks, seed pods, pinecones and more, inside your pool water. Some of these will float along water surfaces and others will sink to the bottom of the pool. Robotic pool cleaners can’t reach into tight spots, corners or steps, leaving hot spots for bacteria and build up. Manual vacuums get into tight spots, skimmer baskets can be emptied by hand, skimmers scoop out unwanted items and speciality brushes remove residue from water lines. 

Balance Water Chemistry: If you start to notice cloudy water in your pool, a shock treatment can help to clear visuals but that doesn’t mean that it is safe to swim in. The needs of a swimming pool will change based on temperature, surrounding areas and even the rate of use. Keeping water sanitary means frequent testing and chemical balancing of chlorine levels, pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. 

Maintaining Filtration Systems: It is easy to overlook pool filters but these are the unsung heroes of swimming pools. Without internal water systems your water would be slimy and green in no time but pumps, filters and water lines often don’t get the attention they deserve. If filters are clogged, water has to work harder to pass through. This means pumps have to work harder, driving up utility bills and causing wear and tear. It might not seem like it but dirty filters will have a ripple effect throughout your pool leading to unnecessary repairs and premature replacements. 

Seasonal Treatments: Whether you are dealing with above ground pools or inground models, winter weather is tough on swim spaces. Cold temperatures make plastic brittle and frozen water lines can burst, leading to serious flooding and water damage. Luckily, Puddle technicians specialize in seasonal pool maintenance. Have an expert close your pool to protect it from fall and winter weather and book a quick and easy opening in spring. Avoid unnecessary damage and make the most out of the swim season with a bit of help from a local pro. 

The Puddle Guarantee: Expert Pool Services That You Can Count On 

Don’t blow your budget on testing kits and pool chemicals when you can schedule professional pool services instead. Basic tools can be unreliable but our technicians aren’t! Each member of the Puddle team is local to Bowmanville and surrounding areas. This means we understand how to keep pools in great shape at any time of year and you can always expect quick and efficient results. 

Whether you are new to the world of pool care or are just wanting to hand cleaning off to an expert, Puddle Pool Services has got you covered. By offering options for routine cleaning programs, deep cleans and seasonal call-outs, there is never a bad time to call Puddle. Our Puddle crews are proud to offer affordable rates and transparent pricing. Every technician is fully insured for peace of mind and highly trained and experienced for the best possible results. 

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