Bowmanville Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Depending on the time of year, your pool might need a little bit of extra TLC. Moving from one season into another can put a lot of pressure on your swim space but local Puddle Pros are here to help! If you are in Bowmanville, seasonal pool maintenance is only a call away. Protect your pool throughout winter and make for an easier opening in spring with Puddle. 

When the weather starts to get chilly you likely aren’t using your swimming pool very often. Just throwing on a pool cover might help to keep debris out but this doesn’t do much to protect your pool from damage during the winter months. An improper closing can lead to severe damage to pools and surrounding areas and it will make it more difficult to open your pool in spring. Don’t wait for a worst-case scenario when you can call Puddle instead! 

Seasonal Pool Care: Keep Your Swimming Pool in Great Shape All Year Long

All it takes is a quick Google search to come up with tons of tips for fall pool maintenance but you can’t believe everything you read on the internet! These guides don’t often account for Canadian winters and don’t consider the impact that age, condition and surrounding areas will have on your swim space. 

At the height of the swimming season most pool owners opt for a weekly maintenance program. When the temperatures begin to change, this tends to slow down, which opens the door for bacteria, algae and contamination. Luckily, Puddle Pros have a multi-step plan for closing down in fall and opening up in spring. 

Fall Pool Care: Protecting pools from freezing temperatures means having to adjust the water level, winterize drain plugs and apply a specialty combination of winterizing chemicals to prevent algae growth and reduce the risk of freezing. It is also a good idea to remove detachable components to be dried and stored over the winter to avoid plastic becoming brittle in the cold. 

Spring Pool Care: After a long winter you are likely going to pull back your pool cover to find swampy, green pool water. A bit of shock isn’t enough to clear this up! The first step is to reinstall components, restore the water level, apply an initial chemical treatment and remove any debris that built up in basins or skimmer baskets. 

The best way to get your pool ready for a new season is to have an expert do it for you! 

The Puddle Guarantee: Seasonal Pool Care That You Can Count On 

When you want the best results for your swimming pool, trust the local expertise of Puddle Pool Services. Our highly trained and experienced Puddle crews understand what your pool needs and when, so ditch the trial and error and have an expert check your pool instead. 

Puddle technicians are fully equipped with top industry tools, practices and are fully insured to provide peace of mind. Book your next service online or by-phone today. 

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