Bowmanville Hot Tub Maintenance

Kicking back in a spa can turn the tables on a stressful day but pulling back a cover to see swampy water will have the exact opposite effect. If your spa water has spiralled out of control or you are looking to have an expert take over routine care, just call a local Puddle technician. Professional Bowmanville hot tub maintenance keeps water clean, swimmers safe and systems running smoothly. 

A warm, damp and dark environment is the ideal place for algae and bacteria to form. This means hot tub water will quickly go from crystal clear, to cloudy and eventually green. Water doesn’t need to be swampy for it to be a hazard to your health. Stepping foot into dirty water can lead to recreational water illnesses like skin irritations, eye infections and digestive issues. Skip the risk and opt for professional hot tub care for your home or storefront. 

Hot Tub Cleaning: What to Know 

When you want to properly clean a hot tub, it is about more than tossing in a few chemicals and scooping out unwanted items that are floating along water surfaces. Maintaining a clean and sanitary space means balancing water chemistry, cleaning the filter and getting rid of debris and residue. If this sounds like a lot, that’s because it is! With an already busy schedule, trying to fit these additional chores into your weekly routine can be tough. 

Missing just one chemical treatment can result in contaminated water, foul smells and health risks. Just because your shell is full of warm water doesn’t mean that it is safe to swim in. Luckily, your local Puddle technicians have create a fool-proof plan to keep water crystal clear and systems running smoothly. 

Removing Debris: Even with a hot tub cover on, unwanted items have a way of sneaking into water systems. Lighter items will float, often being scooped up by floating skimmer baskets. Heavier items will sink, settling into seats and on flooring. Unlike a swimming pool, you can’t just turn on a robotic vacuum. In order to navigate complicated structures, it takes speciality vacuums to remove debris. 

Managing Water Chemistry: When it comes to applying hot tub chemicals, chlorine or bromine often take centre stage but there is more to proper chemistry than just that. Simple test strips can point out obvious issues but they don’t always isolate the specifics. Proper balancing means considering sanitizers, pH level, total alkalinity and calcium. 

Clean Filtration Systems: In the same way that it is important to keep an eye on water chemistry, it is important to clean the hot tub filters regularly. The goal of a filter is to trap and hold small bits and pieces of debris while letting filtered water pass through. Over time, unwanted items will build up and layer over themselves, making it harder for water to flow through. This means pumps and lines have to work harder, putting wear, tear and strain on your internal systems, which can lead to premature break downs. Having an expert clean the hot tub filters regularly means keeping things running smoothly. 

Deep Cleans: Even with a routine cleaning program it is a good idea to deep clean water systems. This process includes a drain and refill of your spa and apply a speciality combination of cleansers that run through hot tub lines, pulling out gunk and buildup from inside. Once chemicals are applied they will loosen and pull out unwanted items and debris and drop them into the basin. It is then time to drain the hot tub. Once empty, shells, jets and head rests are sanitized and scrubbed clean. You can then refill the hot tub and a technician will return for a final water balance. 

Puddle Pool Services: Hot Tub Care You Can Count On 

If you want to keep your hot tub cleaner, ditch the basic test kit and call a local expert instead. After years of experience in the industry, our team of technicians have seen and done it all. With a wide range of service options you can keep your water system running smoothly all year long.  

Puddle offers a routine cleaning program featuring bi-weekly treatments, as well as options for service calls and refreshes for the best possible results. Whether you are taking over an existing water space or are sick of spending your leisure time skimming, scrubbing and water testing, Puddle Pros have got you covered. 

With options for booking online or by-phone 24 hours a day, there is never a bad time to book your next hot tub cleaning. Every member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced, as well as fully insured staff and services for peace of mind. 

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