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It is easy to enjoy a swimming pool but it can be tough to keep them clean! Everything from the temperature, number of swimmers and surrounding area will impact the condition of your pool. A busy swim space means having to skim, scrub and water test on a routine basis — that is a lot to add to an already busy schedule! Professional Bowmanville pool cleaning services keep water crystal clear and systems running smoothly you can kick back and relax for the swim season. 

Anyone can visit a pool supply store to stock up on pool chemicals, test strips and expensive pool equipment. Just because you have them doesn’t mean that they are being put to use! Don’t spend your leisure time cleaning your pool when you can be cannonballing into it instead. When you want to keep your pool cleaner, just call local Puddle technicians! 

The Importance of Routine Pool Maintenance 

Keeping a clean pool is about more than removing debris and calling it a day. It’s easy to grab a skimmer and scoop out unwanted items that are floating along water surfaces but this doesn’t help with sunken items or water chemistry. If you start to notice cloudy water, shocking the pool is a great place to start but it takes more than that to keep water clean for use. 

Balance Pool Water: Clean pool water is about more than sanitizer levels. When you want balanced water chemistry, a simple testing kit isn’t enough to get the right results. In addition to bromine or chlorine levels, it is important to balance pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. 

Remove Debris: If you are dealing with sunken debris at the bottom of your swim space, a pool vacuum can help to suck up some unwanted items but not all of them. Standard vacuum heads are not designed to reach into hard angles or navigate complicated areas like steps. This means corners are prime locations for buildup and bacteria. Manual vacuums can reach into these areas and speciality brushes scrub away residue safely for the best possible results. It is also important to empty the skimmer basket for a full debris removal. 

Check Filters: The pool filter is the unsung hero of any swim space. These are designed to trap and hold unwanted items while letting filtered water flow through. Over time, filters will become full and it becomes harder for water to pass through. This means using more energy and putting more strain on your circulation system. When you clean the filter regularly you reduce the level of wear and tear on your pool pump and equipment. A cartridge filter should be removed, cleaned and reinstalled every 3-4 months while a sand filter should be emptied and filled with new sand every 3-5 years. 

Seasonal Treatments: Routine treatments are important to keep spaces running but when winter comes around it is important to protect your pool for the season. Without a proper closing pools will freeze and this causes damage to internal water systems and structures. The last thing that you want when it is – 20 degrees is a burst pipe! Consulting an expert for your closing or pool opening prevents unnecessary damage and helps you make the most out of the swim season. 

Puddle Pool Services: Building a Schedule That Works 

The needs of your swimming pool will change throughout the year and it is easy to let water balance spin out of control. Instead of dealing with a disaster, book professional pool care to keep your water crystal clear. There is nothing worse than wanting to take a dip in your backyard pool only pull back the cover and see a swamp. 

In order to keep swim spaces clean and running, Puddle Pool Services include options for weekly maintenance, bi-weekly services, one-time cleans and seasonal care. Build a schedule that works for your home or workspace today. Each member of the team is highly trained and experienced, as well as being fully insured for peace of mind. 

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