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It is easy to enjoy a pool while you are away on vacation but what about when you’re at home?  Having a backyard swimming pool means being able to make the most out of the swimming season but it also means having to keep up with cleaning and maintenance that can severely cut into your leisure time. Instead of spending your evenings and weekends skimming, scrubbing and water balancing, have Puddle handle the heavy lifting for you! Efficient and affordable Guelph residential pool services are only a phone call away, so call Puddle today. 

Pool maintenance is not a one-size-fits-all process but should be customized to meet the unique needs of your water system. Everything from the elements, usage and surrounding plant life plays a role in the overall condition of your swimming pool. It can take weeks or even months to figure out exactly how your water systems work and during that time you can expect contamination and won’t be able to use your pool. Instead of missing out on the swim season, call Puddle to keep your water crystal clear, free of debris and keep systems running smoothly. 

Residential Pool Care: A Multi-Step Approach 

Whether it is the height of the pool season, the first days of spring or the first days of fall swimming pools should be a priority no matter the time of year. During each of these periods the needs of your pool will change and that means needing to customize your cleaning and maintenance programs. What works for you in spring won’t work at the height of summer so it is important to test, balance and skim pool water — but the fun doesn’t stop there! 

Swimming pools might seem simple from the outside but they are made up of complicated systems, each of which needs attention. The best way to get great results for your swim space is to break cleanings down into a multi-step approach that caters to pools from top to bottom and inside, out. 

Water Treatments: Maintaining proper water chemistry means more than measuring out chlorine levels but that is often all the focus of basic test kits. If you start to notice that your water is going cloudy, shocking the pool is the obvious next step but a bit of shock isn’t enough to restore water condition. Dirty water not only looks terrible, it is a safety hazard. Contaminated water can quickly lead to recreational water illness, along with skin irritations, eye infections, ear infections, digestive illness and even e-coli poisoning in extreme cases. Proper chemical treatments and balancing keep water clear, safe to swim in and even prevents algae growth. When you want to keep your water clean it is important to monitor pH levels, alkalinity and calcium levels. 

Dealing With Debris: Everyone has experienced a bit of debris in their pools but not everyone realizes just how dangerous this debris can be. Lighter items will float along water surfaces where they will either clog up skimmer baskets or rot and break apart, clogging up filters. Heavier items will sink down to the bottom of the pool and if not removed will rot against vinyl liners causing permanent staining. A standard pool vacuum is not designed for hard angles so the spaces around corners and steps are often left to collect unwanted items. This means there are always contaminants in these areas and the potential for stains. Manual vacuums can help to navigate these tricky areas. 

Monitoring Internal Systems: It is impossible to keep a pool clean without a functioning circulation system and/or filtration system. The goal of any pool filter is to trap and hold unwanted items but over time these filters will become blocked, making it harder for water to pass through. This means using more energy and higher utility bills but it also means unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment. If a pool pump breaks down, chemically treated water is not able to circulate throughout the pool and that means water will be contaminated again in no time at all. It is important to clean the filter regularly but also according to the type of filter you have. Cartridge filters should be removed, cleaned and replaced every couple months while sand filters need to be emptied and refilled with new sand every 3-5 years. 

Seasonal Treatments: Getting your swimming pool ready for a new season is a complicated process but our Puddle technicians have got seasonal treatments down to a science. When the temperatures get cold and you are ready to close your pool, call a Puddle crew to protect your swim space from the winter weather. When the sun finally starts to come out again in spring pool owners want to get their water systems up and running. Avoid a DIY disaster by calling an expert instead! 

Pool Services At Home: Expert Care Brought Right to Your Front Door 

When you want the best results for your swim space, just call a local expert. Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Guelph area so we understand how to keep up with the elements and keep your swimming pool running smoothly, pool surfaces looking their best and pool chemicals balanced. With years of industry experience under our belts, Puddle crews have seen it all! In addition to great results, you can expect peace of mind that comes along with fully insured services and staff. 

By offering a wide range of service options for swimming pools throughout Guelph and the surrounding area, Puddle technicians can cater treatments to indoor and outdoor pools for homes and commercial properties. Affordable rates and transparent pricing is just another way that our team of experts stand apart from the competition. 

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