Guelph Hot Tub Maintenance

Nothing beats a cold Ontario evening like a long soak in a hot tub. A warm water soak is great for the muscles but it also adds value and curb appeal to properties. There are plenty of benefits to owning a spa but keeping them clean is a tricky process. It can take weeks or even months to dial in a cleaning routine that works for your unique space and during this time you are dealing with dropping water condition. When you want to keep your tub or spa clean without sacrificing your leisure time call Puddle for your Guelph hot tub maintenance. 

Hot tub cleaning isn’t the same as scrubbing off a bath tub or countertop. Using harsh chemicals can strip away protective coatings and finishes while heavy tools can cause cracks or breakage. Instead of taking a risk on a DIY approach call a local Puddle technician for a cleaning and balancing program that works! 

Hot Tub Care: A Multi-Step Process 

A hot tub or swim spa is made up of several systems, each of which play a tole in keeping it running. The best way to clean a hot tub is to make sure that each of these is being cared for on a regular basis but it is easy to overlook one aspect of this process. Forgetting just one step of your cleaning can means discoloured water, algae blooms, foul smells, higher energy bills and even the need for expensive repairs and replacements. 

Spa Water: No one wants to step foot into green hot tub water but that is exactly what you will end up with if you don’t keep up with sanitizer levels. Maintaining water chemistry is about balancing more than just your sanitizer levels. A test kit might be able to give you a bit of insight into your chorine levels but it is important to consider pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. 

Dealing With Debris: Even with a spa cover on, unwanted items have a way of finding their way inside. Everything from leaves, twigs, pollen, dirt and dust all have a way of sneaking into shells and settling. Unlike a swimming pool you can’t just flip the switch on a vacuum and watch it go. Getting rid of debris from a small space requires speciality tools like hand vacuums to get rid of sunken items and soft bristle brushes to remove any residue from around the water line. 

Keep Your Filter Cleaner: It is easy to forget about the internal water systems that keep your hot tub running, The goal of all spa filters is to trap and hold all of the small bits and pieces that get caught up in your hot tub water. Over time these small bits will build up and create blockages. If water has to work harder to pass through filters it uses more energy and drives up utility bulls. This will also cause strain on internal components like pumps that can break down. 

Deep Cleans: Keeping your hot tub cleaner means keeping a cleaning routine in place but it also means deep cleans and system refreshes. These can be done as needed but are most often performed twice per year. This process involves applying a multi-part treatment of specialized hot tub chemicals that are designed to run through water systems, pulling out any build-up as it goes. Unwanted items are then pushed into the hot tub water where it can be drained. Once empty, shells, jets and headrests are scrubbed clean and the tub can be refilled with a garden hose. Once refilled Puddle technicians come back to balance chemical levels and just like that your hot tub is live and in great condition. 

Not only do our experienced Puddle technicians clean the filter and balance water, we provide an optional full shampoo service as well. This entails a heavy scrubbing of exterior shells, hot tub covers and exterior areas. When you want the best results for your tub or spa ditch the test strips and call an expert instead. 

Puddle Hot Tub Services: Excellent Results Throughout Guelph 

There are plenty of options for hot tub maintenance throughout the Guelph area but our Puddle technicians stand out from the rest — and it isn’t just our bright branding! Puddle Pros are known for their excellent results, customer service and affordable rates. Instead of offering clean water alone, our crews provide peace of mind and plenty of service options designed to fit the unique needs of your swim space. 

By offering a bi-weekly routine cleaning program our team of Puddle technicians keep your system running smoothly all year long. 

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