Guelph Pool Inspections

When in good condition it is easy to enjoy a swimming pool but when water systems are struggling they are huge liabilities. There is never a bad time to have an inspection done on a swimming pool but it is most common when buying or selling a property. There is nothing worse than finalizing a sale only to be met with a broken swimming pool and all of the high costs that come along with repairs. Puddle technicians provide Level I Guelph pool inspections that focus on condition and function, so you can rest easy! 

It is common practice to book a home inspection before finalizing a sale but whenever you are dealing with a pool, spa or hot tub, it is always better to call a specialist. More often than not, a home inspector will have a ton of practical experience dealing with roofing, foundations and maybe even electrical but not everyone works closely with pools. Without technical knowledge and training it is easy to overlook small issues that will have big repercussions. 

The Benefits of Level I Pool Inspection Services 

There are plenty of different swimming pool inspections on the market, each with a different focus. Some of these revolve around permitting and construction, or even for insurance coverage but not many of them focus on whether or not a pool works. This is what makes a Level I Pool Inspection so useful. This type of assessment focuses on what condition the swimming pool is in, points out problem areas and ensures that water systems are running as they should be. 

Visual Inspections: A trained eye can point out problem areas that might be overlooked at first glance. Something as common as a small tear in a vinyl liner will become worse over time until you are left dealing with a replacement. Everything from damaged slabs, tiles or liners will have a serious ripple effect throughout the rest of your pool system. 

System Testing: Having an expert inspect your pool means in-depth system testing that ensures everything is running as it should be, namely your circulation systems, return lines and heaters. 

Addressing Safety Issues: A swimming pool should be a safe place for your family, friends, tenants and guests and our Puddle technicians want to help. By assessing surrounding areas and accessories like pool decks, diving boards, slides, ladders and railings, Puddle technicians point out problem areas to be repaired. 

Professional Pool Inspections: Local Technicians, In-Depth Assessments 

A professional pool leak detection company performs in-depth assessments of surfaces as well as internal water systems and surrounding areas. Having an experienced pool inspector assess your above ground pool or inground models, means gaining key insight the condition of a swim space for peace of mind about future needs. 

In the event that there are issues, Puddle Pros can perform a pressure test or dye test to identify structural or underground leaks. In addition to key insights Puddle technicians provide referrals to quality professionals in your area that can perform any services, repairs or replacements. 

Please note that a Level I Pool Inspection is designed to shed light on the overall condition of a swimming pool but it does not come with a written report and can’t be used for permitting or construction purposes. 

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