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When you want to dive into the summer season, there is no better way to do that than in a swimming pool. There is a big difference between diving into clean water versus a contaminated system. One of these makes for a great experience and the other can leave you with irritations, infections and other unexpected ailments. Expert Surrey residential pool services help homeowners protect their investment and keep systems running smoothly.

It is not always obvious but the condition of your swimming pool has a wide ranging impact all across properties. If you are noticing higher electrical or water bills, there is a chance that your swimming pool might be the culprit. Whether you are installing a new pool, hot tub or water feature or, are hoping to improve an existing space, expert residential pool care can help!

Pool Care At Home: Great Results Right to Your Front Door

When you want great results for your pool maintenance, shocking the pool isn’t enough to restore balance to water. Caring for a pool and spa means having to balance pool water, monitor the filtration system, inspect liners and remove debris from the bottom of the pool, along with skimmer baskets.

Changing Out Your Pool Filter: The most common type of pool filters are cartridge filters and sand filters. Cleaning or swapping out a cartridge filter seems simple but there are plenty of things that can go wrong during this process. Changing out sand filters means being able to remove hundreds of pounds of sand in a single undertaking. Circulation and filtration systems keep water circulating and moving water helps to spread pool chemicals throughout the water system.

Dealing With Debris: Skimming debris floating along water surfaces is a simple enough task but doing it every day can be overwhelming. With so many things on the go, it is not uncommon for homeowners to be busy with other tasks and let a day of debris slip by, and then another, and another. Over time, lighter debris will rot and break apart, becoming smaller. Small bits and pieces can become lodged inside filtration systems, creating clogs and blockages that strain systems. Pool vacuums might be designed to pick up pieces of debris from the bottom of your pool but they can’t scrub residue from sides, clean out corners or empty skimmer baskets.

Water Chemistry: Chemical balancing and applications are a standard part of the pool cleaning process. As a pool owner, you should not wait for cloudy water to test and balance your pool. Standard testing kits are designed to measure chlorine levels but often leave out pH levels, as well as total alkalinity and other necessary read outs. Keeping these balanced is key to keeping swimmers safe.

Visual Inspections: Whether you are dealing with a pool or hot tub, covers are necessary to keeping debris out. It is easy to throw on a cover and forget about what is going on inside, but performing visual inspections is key to maintaining condition. A trained eye can spot a small tear in a pool liner, making it possible to repair before it becomes a disaster. Over the course of the year, your system goes through a lot. Freezing temperatures lead to brittle plastic and pipe expansion, so regular seasonal inspections are important to prolong the lifespan of internal components and mechanisms.

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