Surrey Seasonal Pool Maintenance

It can be difficult to prepare for a change of season. There is a lot that goes into cold-weather preparation and it can be easy to become side-tracked with excitement for summer. No matter the season, there is always work to be done outdoors – particularly when it comes to pools! Luckily, there are Puddle specialists in your area, ready to “cannonball into clean” with Surrey seasonal pool maintenance services. 

Year-Round Pool Maintenance 

There is nothing more relaxing than taking a dip in a backyard pool but this is only possible when water features are kept clean and in good condition. The main indicator of a well-kept pool is crystal clear water but there is more to your pool than meets the eye. Keeping systems running smoothly means maintaining structural integrity, eliminating safety hazards and keeping things convenient for regular openings and closings. 

Pulling off a pool cover is not enough to properly open a pool and sliding it back on does not provide a proper closure. Leaving water to freeze inside water lines can mean serious (and expensive) damage to any pool and spa, while a rushed opening can leave bacteria and algae behind. Don’t take a chance on your swimming pool when you can call a Puddle specialist to handle the heavy lifting for you. 

Seasonal Pool Care: The Ins and Outs 

Opening Up: When spring has sprung, many spa owners are quick to open up but getting there is a lengthy process. If your feature was closed out properly. there will be reduced water levels which must be topped up and treated. A shock treatment can help to balance chlorine levels after a long period of being untouched. From here, it is also possible to get a view of any invasive growth, like algae that might have formed over the winter months. 

Closing Down: As temperatures drop, closing up is a sad truth. In order to keep your pool clean, sanitizers and shock treatments should be applied to prevent algae. Treating water is a necessity but so is caring for surfaces and equipment such as vacuums or skimmer baskets. Not removing ladders can mean damage while not draining water can result in structural issues with freezing, expansion and breakage to construction materials. 

With so much riding on properly executed seasonal pool services, it is always better to call a professional. From openings, closings, inspections and cleaning, there is nothing that our Puddle specialists can’t handle. 

Choosing Local Pool and Hot Tub Care 

Basic pool services are a dime a dozen but our Puddle crews take our treatments to the next level. Locally owned and operated care means quick response times, access to experts in your area and fully insured staff. More than just providing great results, our crews offer peace of mind as well. 

In order to best serve our communities, Puddle crews are able to service pools of all sizes and styles on a scheduled or call-out basis. For those high traffic areas, our specialists offer treatments on varying schedules, such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services.

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Jason and Kain service our hot tub and pool, great guys, always happy to have them around. They keep the water clean. Would recommend them 100%

5 out of 5

Great guys sent over today for our pool closing. Took them a couple hours, it was pouring rain and they were still smiling. Nice little company to deal with.

5 out of 5

Fantastic work by Mike! Saved us $550 for a leak that was just a small hose that he repaired for $100. Other company was sure the liner was leaking and wanted to run tests, Mike was very honest.

5 out of 5

We have puddle look after our rental properties throughout the city. Always happy with the service. Was more than happy to leave a good review for their team.

5 out of 5

Happy with Puddle, our pool and water fountain are always clean. Love the reports by email so I don’t worry about communicating.

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Anyone who owns a pool knows that maintenance is a necessity. Just about every day comes with some type of pool related chore. If your daily pool ‘to-do’ list seems daunting, just wait until it is time for opening or closing of your system! Stressful situations are not the way to start your season off. Whether it is an opening or a closure, trust the staff at Puddle for your seasonal pool maintenance.

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