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Surrey Pool Cleaning Service

When you are trying to build up a backyard oasis, pools and spas are the first step to your ideal space. Having access to a pool can help with exercise, relaxation and even boost curb appeal to your property. There are a ton of benefits to having a water feature but there is also a lot of work involved! 

Whether in a backyard or a communal area, pools and spas are at the mercy of the elements and whatever you put inside. Organic debris like leaves, seed pods and pollen can collect on surfaces while residue from body products collects on sides. Instead of letting the condition of your features slip, call Puddle Pools today for your Surrey pool cleaning services. 

Practicing Basic Pool Maintenance 

Part of what makes caring for swimming pools so difficult is all of the moving parts involved. The first thing that comes to mind is sparkling clean water but there is more to proper pool chemistry than just skimming debris. It is possible to grab a pole or fire up a pool vacuum but these basic tools can only get you so far. 

Anyone can buy a basic test kit or test strips from a pool supply store. These can help to identify issues with sanitizer and chlorine levels but it can also help to identify a need for maintenance services. A quick inspection can point out any type of algae or invasive growth that might be forming and with that, let you know that there are problems within your filtration system. 

With locally trained Puddle Pool specialists in your area, proper pool care is only a phone call away. Being able to identify algae or slow circulation is one thing but understanding how to treat it is another. Instead of struggling with improper removal attempts or just ignoring poor pool circulation, have a professional handle the cleaning and maintenance around your pool and spa. 

Puddle Specialists: Treating Any and All Pool Types 

A well-maintained pool is an asset to any property. Pools in and around homes are great for personal use but having a communal pool around an apartment complex or condominium can be a major selling feature. The higher the traffic, the more unwelcome items make their way into your water. Whether dealing with in-ground or above ground pools, there is nothing our experts can’t handle. 

Cleaning services can be organized into regular spot treatments and deep cleans. In order to keep up with the needs of our clients, Puddle services offer regular scheduled cleanings as well as services on a call-out basis. If algae is forming around the corners and steps of your space it is because there is an issue with your pool pump and filtration system. Regular visits from a specialist can provide valuable insight into how to boost the overall condition of your space, avoiding unnecessary damage. 

Surrey Pool Cleaning Service

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