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Surrey Hot Tub Maintenance

Having a hot tub can be a reason to celebrate or it can be one massive headache. No matter the time of year, these water features need a lot of TLC to keep running smoothly. There are plenty of reasons that regular spa care might fall by the wayside but this doesn’t have to be the case! Calling a Puddle specialist for your Surrey hot tub maintenance means getting all of the perks with none of the problems. 

When you are ready for the best overall look and condition, cannonball into clean with the help of a Puddle specialist. From spot treatments and deep cleans to monitoring filters and circulation systems, there is nothing that our ‘maintenance only’ crews can’t handle. 

Proper Hot Tub Cleaning: What to Know 

Any damp and warm environment is perfect for bacteria to thrive – and what is warmer and  damper than a tub of hot water? These water features are designed to help owners relax but without regular care, they can be money pits. Any pool and hot tub is susceptible to the elements and failing to skim, scrub and balance chemicals, can cause serious structural damage. 

Deep cleans on a pool and spa means having to drain and clean shells. This is a ton of hard work that not everyone is ready to (or can) take on. The higher the traffic around your space, the more important it becomes to clean your hot tub regularly. With every body that enters your spa, there are unseen materials being added to your water. Hair products, body lotions or sunscreen all leave residue behind – along with skin cells and hair. 

Without proper filtration systems, pool owners can expect a rainbow of unwanted algae. Algae and invasive growth are an unpleasant reality for any pool and spa but our Puddle experts can help! Clean filters are key to keeping corners, steps and surfaces free of algae. If circulation slows down, it is only a matter of time until you are dealing with fuzzy green (or pink, or yellow!) growth. 

Save the Chemistry for the Specialists 

If your hot tub has begun to show signs of algae growth, a deep clean is the answer. The first step to a thorough cleaning is draining your hot tub and scrubbing every last inch of your water feature. Once the scrubbing is complete, your refill requires more than a running of the garden hose. Before you can reopen your tub, it is important to add chemicals to spa water. 

Balancing chemicals can help to maintain water quality and water chemistry. If necessary, algaecides are applied to kill off any invasive growth while sanitizers like chlorine or bromine are used to keep water clean and sanitary going forward. Failing to balance chemicals properly can irritate skin and eyes, so it is better to leave the water chemistry to the professionals. 

Professional treatments don’t just stop at scrubbing surfaces, shells and hot tub covers. In order to get the best results for our clients, Puddle specialists tackle your water line and hot tub filters as well. No matter the condition of your spa, we have the techniques and cleaning products to get the job done right. 

Choosing Local Hot Tub Services 

Across the Surrey area, there is no shortage of options for hot tub owners to choose from. Finding pool services is simple enough but finding the right pool service is more complicated. Puddle Pools specialists offer local services, complete with timely appointments and fully insured staff. 

Depending on the amount of traffic around your space, keeping your hot tub cleaner, longer can be a struggle. Instead of leaving our clients high and dry, Puddle Pool crews offer a tiered service system to fit any property type: weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

Surrey Hot Tub Maintenance

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