Fort Erie Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Keeping a swimming pool clean and sanitary means routine cleanings and water balancing but a changing season will shake up your maintenance routine. For pool owners in Ontario, you likely aren’t using an outdoor pool in the middle of January but your swim space is still exposed to the elements. When you want to protect your pool through winter or open up in spring, calling Puddle for your Fort Erie seasonal pool maintenance is the key to success. 

Your swimming pool is made up of many moving parts, each of which are vulnerable to the cold. A proper pool closing can prevent damage to pool structures and surrounding areas and a proper opening means kicking off the warm season with a safe swim space. 

Seasonal Pool Care: What to Do & When 

For most pool owners it is an unofficial rule that pools are opened up for the May long weekend and closed down after the September long weekend. This makes pool care easier to remember but it isn’t necessarily the best schedule for your system. The best method isn’t to focus on a date but on the elements and that is exactly what our Puddle Pros do. 

Fall Pool Care: When you start to feel a chill in the air, it is time to say goodbye to summer and that means closing your pool. The best time to close your pool for the season is when the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees. Closing too early can mean missing out on warm days and even encouraging algae growth. Instead of just throwing on a winter pool cover, it is important to apply winterizing water treatments, get rid of debris and dry and store detachable components to avoid damage caused by the cold. 

Spring Pool Care: Before you dive into the swim season it is important to ensure your pool water is clean and sanitary. After months of sitting idle your swim space is likely full of organic debris, insects, algae and maybe even rodents. Stepping foot into contaminated water can lead to skin irritants, infections and even serious illness. When the average outdoor temperatures reaches 21 degrees it is time to book your opening. It all starts with having an expert remove debris using speciality tools like manual vacuums, specialty brushes and more. This means removing unwanted items and buildup from the basin as well as skimmer baskets and checking out pools filters. Restoring balance means shock treatments and balancing chemical levels. 

The Puddle Guarantee: Expert Pool Services For the Spring & Fall Season 

The staff at Puddle Pool Services aren’t your average technicians. Each member of the team is highly trained and experienced but more than that, we’re local! We understand how the weather impacts your pool condition and the best way to prevent damage and disaster. Everything from water levels, pool equipment and chemistry will have an impact on the overall condition of your swimming pool. 

Ditch the simple test kit and leave your pool or hot tub to us! Puddle technicians bring all of the necessary tools and chemical treatments right to your front door. By offering a range of service options and the ability to schedule services online or by phone there is never a bad time to call Puddle for your seasonal pool services. 

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