Fort Erie Pool Leak Detection

A swimming pool can make or break the summer season. There is nothing better than beating the heat with a backyard cannonball but a pool leak can put a stop the fun before it even begins! If you start to notice that your swim space is losing water at an unusual rate don’t hesitate to call a local Puddle Pro. Professional Fort Erie pool leak detection pinpoints problem areas, identifies leak type and isolates them for repairs. 

When dealing with swimming pools there is a big difference between natural water loss, a plumbing leak or a structural leak. Outdoor swimming pools are always exposed to the elements and that means everything from high temperatures, heavy rains and even traffic will impact the pool water level. The longer that a leak is allowed to persist the worse it is going to get so don’t hesitate to have an expert assess your water systems. 

Leak Detection in Pools: Understanding the Process 

Pool care is complicated on a good day and a leak will only make this worse. As a pool owner you understand just how much the elements can impact your swim space so it can be tough to tell when your pool is struggling. If you are having a tough time deciphering whether or not your pool is losing water you can always try a bucket test. 

A bucket test involves taking a bucket of water and placing it next to the pool so they are both exposed to the same conditions. It is important to mark the water level in the bucket and in the pool. If after a couple of days the water level of the pool has dropped significantly more than in the bucket, it is time to consider a leak. 

Swimming pool leaks aren’t always easy to track down. Once you’ve established that you are dealing with a leak it is time to figure out what type of pool leak it is. The reasons for water loss aren’t always obvious and can sometimes happen behind the scenes. Instead of just refilling your water level over and over again and ultimately dealing with water damage, let an expert perform pressure and dye testing. 

Pressure Testing: The best way to identify leaks inside pool plumbing systems is with a pressure test. This involves applying a steady stream of air flow to water and return lines. In the event of a crack or opening, the air will create bubbles that can be tracked or in the case of underground leaks, saturated soil will create gurgling noises. 

Dye Testing: If you suspect that your pool structure or vinyl liner is leaking, a dye test is an efficient way to locate the problem. The process involves applying coloured dyes to pool water once the pump is turned off and water goes still. Because dyes are heavier than water they will be drawn to areas of water loss. This means being able to visually track colours to problem areas whether it is cracked concrete or a torn pool liner. 

Pool Leak Detection Services: Tracking Down Your Problem Areas 

After years of industry experience our Puddle Pros have got our pool leak detection services down to a science. Our highly trained technicians are able to service both above ground pools and inground models. Puddle technicians don’t just locate the leak, we can help to organize repairs with references to local, reliable pool repair experts. 

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