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Winters in Ontario can feel like they last forever. Once the snow stops falling and temperatures warm pool owners want to fire up their water systems for the season. More than just pulling back a pool cover and diving in, getting your swim space ready for the season requires a deep clean. A proper Oliver pool opening service restores water condition, clears away debris and makes sure that your systems are running smoothly so you can enjoy the summer! 

Swimming pools might look simple from the outside but nothing could be further from the truth. Pool structures are complex and there are many moving parts hard at work just behind the scenes. When opening up for the swimming season, it is important to treat the areas that you can see and the ones that you can’t, so it is best left up to the experts! 

The Best Way to Open Your Pool 

Pool maintenance is tricky at the best of times but it is even worse when a changing of the season comes around. After months of sitting idle swimming pools are more than likely cloudy, discoloured, full of debris, foul smelling and overall swampy. The reason for this is that standing water is prone to contamination. If this is the case, you can’t just clean your pool and call it a day. A proper opening takes multiple chemical applications, heavy scrubbing, system testing and balancing. In order to get the best results for our clients, Puddle technicians break the opening process down into multiple steps. 

A bit of pool shock might provide a superficial improvement but it isn’t enough to restore water condition to being usable. Instead of relying on simple test kits and ineffective “quick fixes” Puddle crews provide in-depth cleanings that keep your systems in great condition. 

Undoing A Closing: The first step to opening up is undoing everything you did to close. This means removing winter plugs, grabbing a garden hose and raising the water level. This is also the ideal time to reinstall any components that were detached for storage during the off-season. 

Initial Treatments & Debris Removal: When dealing with contaminated water it is always a good idea to apply an initial shock treatment to clear away cloudiness for a better view of what is going on below surfaces. This will make it easier to properly remove debris from all areas of your swim space. Manual vacuums are necessary to reach into tough areas like corners and the areas around built-in stairs while speciality brushes can scrub away any residue that has formed around water lines — and don’t forget about emptying skimmer baskets! 

Circulation & Filtration Systems: Cold temperatures make plastic brittle and cause pipes and other materials to warp and/or expand. It is important to inspect key areas like the pool filter, pump and water lines to ensure that they are in good working order. 

Final Water Balancing: After initial chemical treatments have had the chance to settle in and take effect, it is time for a final water balancing. During this final treatment it is important to balance the chlorine level, as well as pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. 

Puddle Pool Services: Spring Pool Care At Its Finest 

When warm weather comes around, an efficient, timely and reliable pool opening is key to making the most out of the summer season. Don’t waste time on a DIY approach when you can ditch the test strips and opt for professional services instead. Each member of the Puddle team is local to the area and understand how the elements play a role in the overall condition of your swimming pool. Don’t spend the first warm days of the season on trial and error when a local Pro can make the pool opening process quick and easy. 

Our Puddle crews provide excellent results, as well as top customer service and the peace of mind that comes along with fully insured staff and services. If that wasn’t enough, we pride ourselves on affordable rates and transparent pricing. 

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