Oliver Pool Leak Detection

When it comes to swimming pools even a small leak is enough to ruin your summer. If a pool is losing water it will cause your water level to drop, make it impossible to balance chemicals and can lead to serious damage to the surrounding area. Even a small amount of water loss can be signs of a major problem, so don’t wait to call Puddle for your Oliver pool leak detection services. A Puddle Pro doesn’t just detect leaks, they accurately locate and isolate the problem area so you can organize leak repairs, solving the problem before it becomes a catastrophe. 

Leak Detection in Pools: Identifying Water Loss 

During the summer months swimming pools are high traffic areas. With high heats, along with friends, family, tenants and guests stepping in and out of swim spaces it is no surprise that the water level will drop a bit. Over the course of a week pool owners can expect to see 3-5 inches of water loss over the course of a week but if you are dealing with more than that, you might be dealing with a leak. 

If you suspect that you are dealing with a swimming pool leak, it is a good idea to mark the pool water level and monitor it for a few days. If you notice that it has dropped more than the standard amount, it is time to call an expert. Other signs that you might be dealing with a leak is a higher than usual water bill, or in extreme cases, puddles forming around poolsides without reason. Once you’ve established that you are dealing with water loss, it is time to call an expert for thorough swimming pool leak detection. 

Pressure Test: This type of testing is best suited to tracking down plumbing leaks. This process involves applying a steady stream of air to water and return lines. If this air comes into contact with a crack or opening it will create bubbles that will show up visually and can be used to track down problem areas. 

Dye Test: When dealing with a potential structural leak, a dye test is the best tool for the job. By shutting off the pool pump and waiting until water goes still, it is possible to strategically place coloured dyes into pool water. These dyes weigh more than pool water itself and will be attracted to the vacuum created by a leak. This allows pool professionals to follow the colour trails left behind. From here, experts can tell whether you are dealing with a foundation crack, slab leak or tear in a vinyl liner. Pool leaks don’t stand a chance against our Puddle Pros! 

Puddle Pool Services: Pool Leak Detection Made Easy 

With years of experience in the pool industry, our Puddle technicians have seen it all! From underground leaks to small tears on liners, pool leaks can happen anywhere, but we have got you covered! Puddle Pros don’t just identify pool leaks, they diagnose what type of leak you are dealing with and isolate the problem area for repair. By offering customized services, we can take care of pool leaks around homes, businesses, as well as indoor and outside. 

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