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The Okanagan Valley is known for its wineries and beaches but nothing beats a great swimming pool. Homeowners have access to swim spaces 24 hours a day, while commercial spaces are up against frequent high traffic days. No matter your property type, owners and managers want to make the most out of the swim season, and our Puddle Pros can help! A professional Penticton pool opening can set water systems up for success throughout the spring and summer months.

Even after a professional pool closing, your system is exposed to the elements throughout the winter months. Dirt, dust, salt, debris and even rodents can find their way into systems. In addition to managing physical contaminants, there is a good chance that algae will have formed over the course of the cold season. When you want to open your pool properly, have an expert handle it for you!

Pool Opening Service: Understanding The Process

When you want to get your pool ready for summer, you will need to do more than remove the cover. Creating a clean and inviting space for swimmers means extensive water treatments, inspections of pool equipment, such as the pump and filter, salt cell filters and cartridge models, as well as pool liners, to ensure that your system is in great shape. A multi-step approach cannot only keep your pool clean, it can help to prolong the lifespan of your system and its components, saving costs on expensive repairs and replacements.

It is almost impossible to perform a visual inspection when looking through murky water. When managing a pool, spa or water feature, a great opening means treating water. Closings involve dropping water levels, so they fall a few inches below skimmer lines. It might seem like a good idea to add water right away, but you should treat the water that you have before adding more.

It is easy to vacuum a pool, removing some sunken debris, but it is also important to skim floating debris, check filter baskets, scrub away residue from walls, flooring and stairs, and provide chemical treatments to clean water. Monitoring the pressure gauge can also help to determine when your filters or sand are in need of a change. Keeping an eye on the internal mechanisms of your system can help to avoid damage, both to your pool and the surrounding area.

Once a pool or hot tub is open for business, the work does not stop there! In addition to a great pool opening, our team of Puddle Pros offer weekly maintenance to keep systems running smoothly. Call a Puddle technician to inspect liners, pumps, motors, flush return lines, clean structures and perfect water chemistry.

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results For Your Pool Openings

A big part of closing your pool for winter is cleaning and storing detachable components. Failing to replace these items before firing up your system can lead to strain and damage. When opening up for the swim season, it is important to perform visual inspections of both open areas and enclosed ones, and that is where experience is at its most valuable. After years of experience in the industry, our team of Puddle pros don’t have to bother with trial and error, we’ve seen it all!

When you want the best in seasonal pool maintenance, just call a local Puddle Pro for your opening, closing, deep cleans and routine maintenance. Ditch the basic test strips and have your pool water tested by an expert, as well as a thorough inspection of your filtration system, drain plugs, and other necessary aspects of your pool care.

Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to protect properties and our technicians. Experienced pool specialists are able to treat water systems around residential and commercial properties, as well as hotels, wellness centres and even areas as large as the Penticton community centre.

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