Penticton Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot tubs are designed to bring comfort and relaxation right to your backdoor. Having the option to step out into your yard and slip into your own personal oasis is great but only when your water feature is clean. When it comes time to drain and clean your spa, it can feel overwhelming, so call a Pickle Pro instead! Professional Penticton hot tub maintenance can unload the heavy lifting and let you get back to enjoying your space.

Hot Tub Cleaning: What to Know

When it comes to keeping your water feature clean and sanitary, alternating between basic skimming and sanitizing and deep cleaning is a must. Depending on the time of year, your hot tub service can be part of a quick routine or the full process of dropping water levels and scrubbing sides.

Even with a cover, you can expect surface debris floating in your water. A quick skim can help to keep your spa water looking clean but there is more to it than just that. If you are concerned about the chemicals in your water, a simple test strip can help to point out that there is an issue but it certainly won’t tell you how to fix it.

Balancing sanitizers and chemicals like chlorine or bromine means adding a bit of chemistry to your weekly routine. Don’t bother with trial and error when you can rely on an expert to handle it for you. The same goes for your hot tub filters. Circulation systems are the heart and soul of your water feature, which means taking time to clean the filter, line flush and performing a water reduction and refill.

Hot Tub Cleaning Service: Seasonal & Deep Cleanings

In addition to basic shock treatments and skimming, scrubbing surfaces is necessary to getting rid of sunken dirt and debris. For hot tub owners, there is a right and wrong way to drain the hot tub on your property. Just pulling a cork can lead to dead grass, flooded lawns and potential water damage to surrounding structures.

When completing a deep clean on a water feature, there are many factors in play. Forgetting something as simple as to turn the power to the hot tub off can lead to potential damage and disaster. Whether you are partially draining your pool temporarily or seasonally, when it is time to refill your hot tub, it takes more than a garden hose. When you call in an expert, our Puddle Pool Pros arrive on-scene with all the necessary cleaning products to get systems sanitary, creating a clean and inviting environment for your friends, family, guests and even customers in a commercial or hospitality property.

Choosing Puddle Pools

When you are ready to keep your hot tub cleaner, for a longer period, it is always better to call a pro. After years in the industry, there is nothing that our team of experts can’t handle. Whether you are looking to service and maintain a hot tub in a backyard environment, a recreation centre or a hotel, our crews can handle it all.

Fully insured staff are trained, prepped and ready to service Penticton, the South Okanagan and surrounding areas.

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