Penticton Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Keeping a pool in great shape means balancing water chemistry in pool water, maintaining pool toys and equipment, inspecting filtration systems and a host of other things. While these tasks are a must on a regular basis, pool owners also need to understand the important processes of opening and closing your system according to the seasons. Contacting a professional for your Penticton seasonal pool maintenance can help to keep your system in great shape, all year long.

Your To-Do List According to Temperature

Everyone knows that pools need to be kept clean. Scrubbing pool walls and steps is key to getting rid of slippery surfaces while balanced chemicals and sanitizers keep water crystal clear and sanitary. Once you’ve got a handle on keeping your pool clean, it is time to consider how your pool or spa will hold up during a seasonal change.

Pool Opening: When opening a pool, it is assumed that your feature has been closed for months. As you remove the cover, you can expect to see some contaminated water left over from last season. Proper closing practice means that water levels should be dropped so there should not be much. Everything should be scrubbed down and water should be refilled and shocked.

Pool Closing: When it is time to close your pool for the winter, water levels need to be dropped and shocked to ensure that it can withstand the coming months of cold and disuse. In addition to water treatments, it is important to care for pool equipment as well. From diving boards to skimmer baskets and even filters and pool vacuums.

Ditch DIY

There is no one-step approach to protecting your pool. You might be able to pop over to any pool care store to pick up a test kit but there is no guarantee that you know how to use them. Even when following the instructions, it can be difficult to understand how to balance pool water. After years in the industry, Puddle Pool Pros understand how to treat water according to its current condition, ideal chemistry and the amount of traffic in your space.

In addition to water care, our experts examine all the different aspects of your swimming pool. Clean filters are key to a healthy circulation systems and that really is the heart of a healthy and happy pool. Before your pool is opened or closed for the season, it is important to clean filters and inspect cartridge filters.

Improper seasonal maintenance can lead to costly repairs or replacements, so cut those costs by calling the pros! Whether you are looking to close down a local in-ground pool, a backyard spa or a high-traffic area like a hotel pool, there is nothing that our team of expert pool techs can’t handle.

Calling in the Puddle Pros

Fully insured staff members mean providing the best results for our clients, but it also means peace of mind. Whether you are already a subscriber of our scheduled cleaning services or are new to the Puddle client roster, our experts offer emergency services around the clock, 24 hours a day.

By servicing both residential, commercial, multi-unit properties and spaces within the hospitality industry, there is no space that our experts can’t handle. We sweat the small stuff! From large-scale issues to the smallest detail that would ordinarily be missed, like ridges around a skimmer opening, we catch it all. Local pools are high traffic, which means even more pressure to keep up with the climate in order to create a sanitary environment. When you want the best results possible, call a Puddle Pool specialist today.

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