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The summer season is Ontario’s time to shine. With plenty of sunshine and high heats, having an accessible swimming pool can make a world of difference to enjoying the season. After months of sitting stagnant, pool water is likely contaminated, cloudy, discoloured and full of debris. Diving into a dirty pool is a serious health and safety risk, so make sure that it is properly cleaned before you dip a toe inside. If you are itching to start the swim season with a clean and inviting pool, just call a Puddle Pro for your Kitchener pool opening. 

When you want to open your pool you will need to do more than pull back a cover and apply a shock treatment. During the height of summer when pools are being used regularly, test strips can help to balance out water chemistry but after a long period of disuse, they aren’t enough to assess and balance pool water. Opening up for spring means undoing everything you did on closing, as well as restoring water condition and creating safe and sanitary swim spaces, which requires a multi-step approach. This can feel overwhelming, but our Puddle Pros are here to help! 

The Benefits of Professional Pool Opening Services 

Even experienced pool owners struggle with seasonal care. If you chose to close your swim space for the off-season, it has more than likely been sitting stagnant for months at a time. This means pulling back pool covers to find swamps instead of swim spaces. Taking an amateur approach to prepping pools for the season can mean dragging it out over a period of days or even weeks. Hiring a professional opening service means efficient and thorough treatments, done in a timely manner and at an affordable rate. 

Winterizing plugs and dropping the water level in an inground pool is common practice when closing. This means having to grab a garden hose and refill levels. From here, it is time to remove debris and shock pool water to clear cloudiness and eliminate algae. Pool chemicals can’t be balanced in 24 hours, but require time to sit and take effect. Standard pool vacuums are not designed to reach into hard angles, corners or navigate stairs. This means needing speciality tools to remove residue, suck up unwanted items from the bottom of the pool, as well as cleaning out skimmer baskets and filters. 

The pool pump and filter are key components of your water systems. Without a functional circulation system, even newly cleaned water will become contaminated in no time. Swimming pools don’t just work all on their own, they rely on a series of equipment and systems to keep them flowing smoothly. Everything from a cover, pump, motor and even diving board contribute to the overall condition of your swim space, so it is important to inspect them all. 

A trained eye can spot problem areas before they become a disaster. This goes for basins and circulation systems and surrounding areas as well. For example, in a high growth period surrounding plant life will contribute to algae growth, so it is necessary to test and balance chemicals, tweaking treatment plans as we go. By offering helpful tips and tricks ranging from cleaning pool water, preventing clogged lines and even storing your pool cover, our Puddle Pros are here to help you out. 

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Way to Open Your Pool 

It is common for pool owners to remove the cover from their water systems after the off-season only to find green water, leaves and debris, along with foul smells and other unpleasant surprises. If you are dealing with poor water condition a basic test kit isn’t enough to restore condition. Instead of stocking up on pool equipment and chemicals, call a Puddle Pro for all of your pool maintenance needs. 

Puddle pool technicians are highly trained and experienced for the best possible results. When you want to open your pool for the spring season, don’t waste a minute of sunshine when you can call an expert instead. 

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Kitchener area. By combining years of industry experience and on-going training our experts get excellent results for residential and commercial pools at any time of year. Pool openings can be done at any time of year, so you don’t have to wait until spring to get your swim space up and running. 

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