Kitchener Hot Tub Maintenance

Taking a warm water soak at the end of a long work day can ease sore muscles, relax stressed minds and an accessible spa is a great place to host! There are plenty of benefits to having a hot tub in a residential or commercial space but cleaning isn’t one of them! Keeping water clean and balanced means water treatments, debris removal, system testing and more, which can eat into your leisure time. Get the best results for your water systems without sacrificing your free time by call a Puddle Pro for your Kitchener hot tub maintenance. 

A hot tub or swim spa can be a major selling feature for homes across the Kitchener area but only if they are clean. Test strips can help to clear cloudy water but they aren’t enough to restore swim spaces back to being sanitary. Whether you are looking for a routine cleaning program or a system refresh, our Puddle technicians keep hot tubs in the best condition possible. 

Hot Tub Care: Keeping Water Systems in Great Shape 

When you want to keep your spa water clean, free of debris and residue and prolong the lifespan of internal components, routine cleanings are incredibly important. Instead of just tossing in chemicals and hoping for the best, the best results come from a multi-step approach. 

Hot Tub Water: Water quality in a tub or spa impacts the visuals of a water system as well as the safety of anyone swimming inside. You wouldn’t swim in someone else’s bath water but without regular cleanings, that is exactly what you are doing. In addition to adding a sanitizer like chlorine or bromine, it is important to monitor pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. 

Water Systems: Cleaning hot tub water is a necessity but it won’t stay clean for long without a circulation system and pool filter to keep it that way. Keeping a spa filter cleaner improves water flow and output but as filters collect debris, they can become clogged up. When dealing with a cartridge, it is possible to perform a visual inspection to determine whether or not it is time to clean the filter cartridge and replace it. 

Structures & Hot Tub Covers: A spa cover is prone to bacteria and debris just like water is. Without regular cleaning a cover can begin to show signs of algae growth. Over time this will cause damage and weakening. Over the course of a regular hot tub cleaning, structures are often overlooked. A dirty exterior shell will drag down curb appeal and can cover up potential issues. A thorough cleaning of exterior spaces provides insight into the condition of hot tubs inside and out. 

System Refreshes: Even with regular cleanings, there will come a time when keeping your hot tub cleaner means draining it and refilling water. When you want to drain the water from a hot tub, it is always better to contact an expert. Improper draining can lead to drowned lawns, flooded structures, water damage, rot, mold and other unexpected issues. Once empty, shells, jets, headrests and other areas can be scrubbed clean. Then it is time to refill the hot tub, which can be done with a simple garden hose. This is all topped off with a final application and balancing of hot tub chemical levels. It is important not to attempt to drain the hot tub on your own, as you might end up with water in unexpected places and a lot of damage that comes along with it. 

When a pool is maintained regularly, all it takes is 20 minutes to have systems clean and looking their best but that requires a well maintained baseline. 

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Results For Your Hot Tub Cleaning 

There are plenty of options for hot tub cleaning throughout Kitchener and surrounding areas but our Puddle Pros stand out from the rest — and its not just the brightly coloured uniforms and vehicles. Our technicians have years of industry experience under our belts and we are putting it to use around homes and commercial properties all throughout the area. 

By offering a variety of service options from bi-weekly programs for residential spaces, weekly treatments for commercial spaces, as well as system refreshes and service calls, our experts are always ready for anything. In addition to great results, Puddle technicians provide efficient and affordable hot tub cleanings and fully insured services for peace of mind. 

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