Kitchener Commercial Pool Services

Just because you offer a swim space doesn’t necessarily mean that your business structure revolves around swimming pools. When most people think of pool care for businesses the first thing to come to mind is likely public pool, fitness centre, gym, spa or even a hotel but that is just the tip of the iceberg! If you’re looking for a routine cleaning program, a one-time cleaning or inspection for a listed property, call Puddle for your Kitchener commercial pool services.

It is easy to assume that there is a target market for the pool service industry but this really isn’t the case — anyone can benefit from expert pool maintenance. There is a big difference between a standard pool cleaning at home and keeping up with commercial pool maintenance. In order to keep up with the needs of our clients, Puddle technicians offer pool services that are custom made to the unique needs of your swim space.

Commercial Pool Care: Benefiting All Industries

When managing a business, bank accounts matter! Taking an amateur approach to pool cleaning might seem like a great way to cut back on expenses but you might end up paying more in the long run. When you start a pool cleaning program not all of the startup costs are obvious at first — some of these aren’t even financial! In addition to purchasing pool cleaning equipment and chemicals, keeping a pool in good condition takes time, effort and energy. For a small business, dedicating resources to swimming pools can mean taking away from daily operations which is a big issue, so leave it to a Puddle Pro instead! Whether you are a small business or part of a larger corporation, our team of experts can help you out.

Routine Cleaning Programs: When dealing with a residential swim space, pool owners are often looking at lower traffic during summer and pretty standard debris. When managing a commercial space you are dealing with a high volume of swimmers as well as many different types of debris ranging from leaves, pollen, bandages and more. Simple test kits often aren’t enough to keep up with busy pools and that is what makes a cleaning routine such a good idea. With a routine program, Puddle technicians will arrive multiple times per week providing chemical treatments to keep water clean, speciality tools like vacuums and brushes to remove debris and residue, along with highly trained technicians that know how to keep your filters clean and systems running smoothly.

One-Time Cleanings: There are many reasons to hire a local pool cleaning company for a one-time service. For realtors, a professional pool cleaning can help to create the ideal first impression during your next open house. Following a landscaping or construction project there is likely some dirt and/or debris that made its way into the nearby pool. You don’t want to finish a project only to have the result overshadowed by a dirty pool. By hiring a professional pool service, businesses can present the best result, boost curb appeal and provide excellent customer service to your clients.

Hotel Pool Care: Customize Your Pool Cleaning Services

At the height of the tourist season, hotels can be overwhelmed with guests all of whom want to use the available swimming pools and hot tubs. This means instead of several swimmers per week, hotels, motel pools and inns are all dealing with dozens, if not hundreds, of swimmers on a daily basis. This means a greater risk of contamination and a much more demanding swim space. In order to keep up with the demands of a busy pool Puddle technicians offer a range of service options from once per week, all the way up to five times per week.

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