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Warm weather might be a sign that winter is coming to an end but nothing says spring like opening up your pool. After a long and rainy winter, nothing beats being able to kick back poolside and soak up the sunshine. Instead of just pulling back a pool cover and diving into water, it is important to make sure that water is clean and systems are in good working order. Professional Lahaina pool opening services restore swim spaces to their former glory, with sparkling clean water for you to dive into.

The winter season is tough on swimming pools. Heavy rains impact chemical levels, low traffic means less attention and that means debris build up and maybe even algae growth. It is not uncommon for pool owners to pull back pool covers in spring to find swim spaces looking more like swamps than an attractive place to take a dip. Instead of struggling with your spring pool care, let an expert handle the heavy lifting for you.

Pool Maintenance: Getting Ready For the Spring Season

Getting a swimming pool ready for use means cleaning out debris and applying chemical treatments but it also means undoing whatever was done during closing. Dropping water levels and winterizing plugs are common practice, each of which will need to be undone on opening. You can add water to a swimming pool with a simple garden hose but that is not the end of your pool water treatments!

Water Treatments: An initial shock treatment can help to clear away cloudiness and discolouration but this is not enough to get water properly balanced. It is important to monitor chlorine levels but so are pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium.

Pool Equipment: It is easy to get caught up on pool water but without internal systems, this’ll be contaminated in no time at all. In order to keep water clean and flowing, it is important to inspect and test everything from drain plugs, pool filters, return lines, the pool pump and more. This is also the ideal time to swap out a solid winter cover for a mesh one. Drying and storing your pool cover until the next season is key to preserving condition, as is removing and storing water or air bags from an above ground pool.

Debris Removal: Flipping the switch on a pool vacuum is easy but it isn’t effective. If you are noticing debris sitting at the bottom of your pool, standard vacuum heads are often not able to reach into tight spaces. These heads are clunky and not able to dig into hard angles or navigate stairs.

Taking an amateur approach to opening means having to balance pool chemicals, navigating specialized equipment like the pump, skimmer basket, return and plumbing lines, vinyl liners and more. Ditch the risk of a DIY disaster by calling a local expert.

Puddle Pool Services: Excellent Openings Across Lahaina

When the average outdoor temperature reaches 69 degrees, it is time to start thinking about opening your pool. Calling ahead to book an opening with a Puddle Pro can help to reduce wait times and ensure that you are making the most out of the summer season. Each member of the Puddle team is local to your area, so we understand what pools in Lahaina are up against. Instead of struggling through trial and error, our specialists get the best results the first time.

In addition to being highly trained and experienced, Puddle Pros are also fully insured to protect pools, crews and surroundings areas. In addition to openings, our experts offer a wide range of pool care options including seasonal care, off-season programs, routine cleaning programs, inspections and service calls.

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