Lahaina Hot Tub Maintenance

Lahaina is known for its warm weather and beautiful views and there is no better way to enjoy these than from a hot tub! When you want to soothe sore muscles and soak up scenery, trust a Puddle Pro for your Lahaina hot tub maintenance. Professional hot tub care can help owners and managers maintain a sanitary space, protect water systems from damage and prolong the lifespan of materials.

Getting a hot tub up and running is as simple as having someone install it and filling it up with a garden hose but the maintenance doesn’t stop there! Keeping a tub clean requires regular water testing, balancing, debris removal, visual inspections, scrubbing and deep cleans or system refreshes. Taking an amateur approach to any of these can result in subpar results and even damage. Instead of spending your leisure time skimming, scrubbing and water testing, have an expert keep your water clean and flowing!

The Importance of Regular Hot Tub Cleaning

Cleaning your hot tub is different from cleaning a bath tub. Instead of grabbing a basic cleaner and hard bristle brush like you might indoors, hot tubs are fitted with protective coatings that can be stripped away and vulnerable components that can be damaged. Instead of taking a risk with DIY, it is always a better idea to consult an expert for routine cleaning and maintenance.

Water Condition: What is lurking in hot tub water? For every body that enters your hot tub, there is something left behind. Body products seep off of individuals and float on water surfaces. This can be everything from sunscreen, body oils, hair products and more, seeping off of bodies and into water, creating residue buildup around water lines. Higher heats, high traffic rates and even rain can cause an imbalance in water chemicals. Regular testing and balancing makes it possible to keep water balanced and swimmers safe. Contaminated water can cause illnesses, skin irritations and other health issues, so clean water is incredibly important.

Structures & Equipment: Everything from a filter cartridge, hot tub shell and spa cover can hold onto bacteria or unwanted items. A damaged hot tub cover can allow debris to get into water systems, leading to bacteria build up, rot, and chemical imbalances. A crack in a shell or damaged plumbing or return lines might not be obvious all at once but over time, these can become major issues. Let an expert change your cartridge or sand filters for the best results.

Deep Cleans: Even with regular cleanings, there comes a time when you will need to drain the water from hot tubs There is a right way and a wrong way to drain the hot tub on your property. An amateur approach might mean drowned lawns, flooding structures, water damage, rot and mold. Refilling your hot tub is easy but draining it is tough, along with safely scrubbing shells. Freshly added water still needs to be chemically treated and balanced before use.

Just like anything else, hot tub chemicals are dangerous in the wrong hands. Whether you are dealing with salt, chlorine or bromine, tests strips can only take you so far. In addition to keeping track of sanitizers, it is important to test your water for pH levels, total alkalinity, calcium and more.

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results For Your Hot Tub

Puddle technicians are highly trained and experienced, so you can rest easy knowing that their water systems are in good hands. Each member of the team is local to your area, so we understand the advantages and obstacles of the Lahaina area. As the climate changes, so do the needs of your hot tub. By choosing a bi-weekly treatment plan, technicians are able to tweak chemical treatments as needed, keep your filter cleaner, and help to keep water systems running smoothly.

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