Lahaina Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Hawaii is an amazing travel destination and an even better place to call home. Even with the ocean a stone’s throw away nothing beats spending those hot summer days in a swimming pool. Swimming pools might get a lot of attention at the height of summer but as fall rolls around they are used less and less often. Hawaii is not known for snowfall and freezing temperatures but it does experience heavy rains, high growth seasons and a whole lot of grief from the elements. When you want to protect your pool during the off-season or are getting set up for summer, call Puddle for your Lahaina seasonal pool maintenance.

You might be quick to clean your pool when the weather is warm seasonal pool care is more than just a basic cleaning. You can’t just add chemicals and hope for the best when dealing with a complex water system, but our Puddle Pros are here to help! No matter the time of year, call a local Puddle technician for your opening, closing and off-season treatment programs.

Seasonal Pool Care: Keep Your System Running Smoothly

If pool water is cloudy or discoloured you can simply shock your pool for a superficial improvement but that doesn’t mean that water is sanitary. By creating customized treatment plans for each season, our team of Puddle technicians are able to keep swimmers safe and water systems running smoothly all year.

Pool Opening: If your pool was closed down for the fall season, there is a good chance that you will need to restore water levels. This is as easy as turning on a garden hose and refilling water so it reaches skimmer lines. Shock treatments can be applied to clear away any cloudiness or discolouration. From here it is time to ditch debris! Vacuuming debris from the bottom of the pool, skimming the surface of the pool water, and emptying skimmer baskets all improve the overall look of a swim space but also reduces contaminants. Heavy scrubbing of walls and steps gets rid of residue and provides a clean slate for the start of a new season.

Pool Closing: Even if you aren’t concerned with freezing temperatures, it is a good idea to close pools down for long periods of disuse. Flushing water out of return lines prevents unexpected damage while winterizing drain plugs prevents water from seeping into vulnerable areas. Prepping for a change of the season should also include inspecting pool equipment like pool pumps, plumbing lines and even filters to ensure that they are in good enough shape to withstand the off-season. Taking the time to drain the water so it falls a couple inches below the skimmer line reduces the risk of invasive growth like algae, along with mold. Swapping out mesh covers for solid covers is another way to protect pool water when not in use.

Off-Season Pool Programs: if closing your pool for the fall and winter doesn’t seem appealing, don’t worry! Puddle technicians offer off-season cleaning programs that keep swimming pools clean and running all year long. Bi-weekly pool cleanings keep debris out, water clean and components in good shape. If you choose a reduced treatment plan through fall and winter, openings are easier than ever — just turn on the heater.

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results At Any Time of Year

When you want great results for your water system, ditch the test strips and have an expert test the water instead. Each member of the team is highly trained and has years of industry experience under their belts. Local experts understand the nuances of the Lahaina community, so we never have to struggle through trial and error. Our team of experts create custom treatment plans according to the unique characteristics of your swim space. Seasonal pool services will differ from inground pools to above ground pools, indoor to outdoor models and other key factors but our team of experts are ready for anything. In addition to be ready and willing to tackle pool openings, closings and seasonal care, Puddle Pros are fully insured to provide peace of mind along with excellent results.

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