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Even with the ocean nearby, swimming pools are a high ticket item throughout the Lahaina area. Having an accessible swim space at home or in a shared space can help to beat the heat, host friends and family or cater to customers but pools are tough to maintain. Every year property owners in Lahaina opt for a DIY approach to pool care, only to end up with subpar results. When you want to best results for your Lahaina pool cleaning, call a Puddle technician today.

Pool maintenance is not as simple as skimming a bit of debris and tossing in a chlorine puck. In order to keep your system running, it is important to look at what makes swimming pools tick. Without technical knowledge, caring for pool filters and circulation systems is key to keeping pool water crystal clear and swim spaces sanitary. Instead of spending your leisure time studying the ins and outs of pool care, hit the ground running with established treatment practices.

The Benefits of Expert Pool Care

It can take years of trial and error to figure out what makes your pool tick. Even if you are experienced in pool care, every make, model and location is different. What worked for your old swim space won’t work for your new one and the needs of your swimming pool will change throughout the year. The needs of any water system will change from spring to summer, and summer to fall. Luckily, our Puddle technicians are able to help you keep up!

Routine Pool Care: For any home or commercial space, keeping up with the needs of a swimming pool can be tough. The higher your rate of traffic, the higher the risk of contamination. High heats, growth rates and traffic all contribute to the overall condition of your swim space but weekly care throughout spring and summer can help. Having a Puddle Pro treating your pool means water testing and balancing, not only of chlorine levels but of pH levels, alkalinity, calcium and more. Experts also have top of the line tools designed to remove debris and trained eyes are able to identify issues with internal water systems, pool pumps, filters and more.

Off-Season Pool Programs: Just because your swim season is over, doesn’t mean that pool care should be! In a warm-weather state, pools can be put to use all year long but most pool owners don’t use their swim spaces throughout the off-season. Going from summer to fall means entering into lower temperatures and rainy seasons. Moving from a weekly cleaning program to a bi-weekly one keeps swim spaces in great shape, all year long. These reduced programs offer the same cleaning services, but on bi-weekly basis, meaning your pool gets the same level of attention and when you want to open up in spring all you have to do is turn on your heater.

Removing debris and applying pool chemicals keep water crystal clear but pool care doesn’t stop there. It is easy to focus on the areas of a swimming pool that you can see, but what about the systems that are hard at work behind the scenes? Without a functional circulation and filtration system, even newly cleaned water will not stay that way for long. A trained eye can keep an eye on the condition of pool pumps, return lines, as well as cartridge filters and sand filters, for the best condition, every time.

Puddle Pool Services: Local Pool Pros in the Lahaina Area

Pool owners in Lahaina have plenty of options for cleaning and maintenance but our Puddle Pros stand out from the rest. It isn’t just the brightly coloured vehicles or recognizable blowfish logo, its the results! Our team of Puddle technicians are highly trained and experienced, as well as local to the Lahaina area. Forget the trial and error and call a local specialist instead.

It is easy to overlook a small tear in a vinyl liner but our Puddle Pros know what to watch out for. From small cracks, tears and dropping water levels, our team of experts are able to assess and address issues with your swim space. With plenty of options for routine services as well as service calls, seasonal treatments and inspections, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle Pro.

Hiring a professional means maintaining your pool without lifting a finger! Puddle clients can be as involved as they’d like to be in their pool cleaning services so ditch the testing kit and have an expert handle your water chemistry, run the pump, empty skimmer baskets and keep water systems running smoothly.

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