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Ladysmith is an amazing place to relax and recharge, and there is no better way to do that than from a swimming pool. A clean and inviting pool is a great place to kick back, get some exercise or host friends, family and even tenants. While you might rely on a fitness centre or community pool during winter months, when you want to open your pool, trust an expert for great results.

Professional Ladysmith pool opening services work to restore your swim space after a long period of disuse. As winter turns into spring, it is not uncommon for pool owners to remove the cover from their system, only to see algae blooms, discolouration, floating debris and cloudy water. In addition to looking awful, if your pool is suffering following the cold season, it is likely full of contaminants, so trust a professional to get your system up and running, and make the most out of the swim season.

Proper Pool Openings: Water, Filtration Systems and More

No matter the season, it is important to treat your pool according to its unique needs and that goes for whether or not you are dealing with an in-ground pool or an above ground model. When pools are in-ground, it is important to drop the water level in order to avoid damage, above ground pools use water bags to avoid freezing over. Part of closing a pool is winterizing plugs, so it is important that drain plugs are uncovered to allow water to pass through. Depending on the style of pool that you are dealing with, seasonal accessories should be removed and plugs should be inspected to ensure there is nothing impeding water and circulation.

It is easy to spot debris floating along water surfaces, but if water is murky, it can be difficult to spot items that have sunken down to the pool floor. There is not much point in applying pool chemicals if there are still contaminants that can drag down water balance. It is easy enough to vacuum the pool, but when the aim is to get your pool clean, it means removing residue collected on sides, scrubbing walls and flooring and removing both light and heavy debris.

If your water level has been dropped, it is easy enough to refill a pool with a garden hose. Once water is able to reach skimmer levels, it can access circulation systems. The pump and filter is the heart and soul of any water system, so it is important to keep an eye on these sensitive areas. A test kit can point out issues with your chemical levels, but it cannot point out issues with your filters. Checking the pressure gauge on a sand filter can let you know when to change your sand, while a visual inspection can tell you when it is time to swap out a cartridge filter — but only if you know what to look for!

Far from relying on simple test strips, having water tested by a professional means having an in-depth analysis of pool water, involving pH levels, total alkalinity, total chlorination and more. Following a months long closure, standard chemicals will not be enough to kill off algae growth. Applying algaecides is necessary when dealing with dangerous and invasive growth. Failing to balance water properly can present serious health and safety risks, like recreational water illnesses. Keep swimmers safe from eye and ear infections, digestive illness and skin irritations by starting the season off with a clean slate.

The Puddle Pools Guarantee: Safe Openings, Every Time

Our Puddle technicians have turned pool openings throughout the Ladysmith area, into an art form. Instead of struggling to understand the needs of the season, call an expert with years of experience under their belts, for efficient openings. In addition to great results, our Puddle Pros provides peace of mind with fully insured services and excellent customer service.

By creating a multi-step approach to pool openings, Puddle Pros are able to ensure that your system is cleaned and running smoothly from the inside, out. With options to book by phone or online, 24 hours a day, there is never a bad time to find out more about the opening process.

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