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Despite being surrounded by the ocean, more and more Vancouver Island residents are opting for properties with on-site pools. A functional water feature is a major draw for home renters, clients in recreational or leisure centres and guests who want to take advantage of a hotel environment. A clean pool or hot tub can help with relaxation, exercise and even income, and our Ladysmith pool cleaning services can help!

Pool maintenance is a complicated process, made up of many moving parts. In addition to water chemistry, your filter system and liners demand attention as well. This can be a a lot to keep up with – even at the best of times! So, why not outsource the heavy lifting to a Puddle Pool Pro? Highly trained technicians are ready to perfect your pool from the ground, up.

Pool Care Made Easy

Nothing beats a day spent lounging by a swimming pool but maintaining a water feature is not all fun in the sun. Whether in a commercial environment or entertaining in a backyard, the more people who enter our system, the more important regular care and cleaning become. From bodies to nearby plant-life and debris, there are plenty of things that can disrupt your system.

In addition to water care, pool owners are responsible for proper inspection of your filtration system, any algae formation, balancing of sanitizer and chlorine levels and assessments of any nearby pool equipment. A basic testing kit or test strips might alert you to an issue but it is not always simple to balance pH levels or sanitizer applications.

An outdoor pool is at the mercy of the elements. A breeze can unleash debris from nearby trees, cluttering water surfaces with leaves, insects and seed pods. In addition to lighter materials that get stuck on top of water, there are other heavier items that will sink to the bottom, resting and staining pool liners. Debris can clog up your circulation system, which can put added strain on motors, which leads to expensive repairs and replacements. Instead of dealing with the worst-case scenario, hire a professional for routine maintenance.

Why Is Proper Pool Cleaning Important?

Neglecting the upkeep of your pool can lead to costly damage but it can also lead to illness. Recreational Water Illnesses (RWI) are irritations, infections or illness caused by bacteria in water. Taking a dip in algae-ridden water can lead to e-coli sickness on the more extreme end, or skin, eye and ear irritations.

Floating debris can clog up filters, leaving circulation systems in distress. Circulation systems are key to keeping your system running smoothly. Not only are these key, they are also expensive. Regular inspection can help to keep an eye on the overall condition of your pool fixtures and appliances.

Invasive growth like algae will latch onto hard structures, like the concrete area around your pool. Algae thrives in damp environments and when it takes hold, begins to spread, degrading concrete, which is a porous material. In addition to damage, algae also creates slippery surfaces, which can lead to slips and falls. Regular cleaning by an expert helps to eliminate these risk factors, creating an inviting and accessible space.

What Puddle Pools Can Do For You?

There are plenty of tools on the market designed to help keep swimming pools clean. From floating skimmer baskets to pool vacuums, it is possible to fill an entire shed with tools and products. It doesn’t matter how many tools there are at your disposal, if you don’t know how to put them to use.

After years in the industry, Puddle Pool technicians are able to treat water, as well as the surrounding area of your pool. Regular pool services check your pool from top to bottom. Balancing chemicals and sanitizers prevents algae growth, not only improving visuals but creating a safe and sanitary environment as well.

Unlike a standard pool cleaner, Puddle Pool Pros monitor the equipment that impacts your pool on a daily basis, such as diving boards, pool covers and others. Fully insured technicians are able to provide peace of mind, as well as great results. With options for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services, it is always possible to keep your water feature looking great, all year long.

Call today for a free estimate. Whether you are looking to service a public pool, a hospitality environment or a backyard oasis, there is nothing that our team of experienced technicians can’t handle.

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