Ladysmith Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot springs are an amazing place to take a vacation, but they are not always easy to get to. Instead of driving hours for a bit of relaxation, more and more Canadians are turning to hot tubs. These water features are a great way to kick back, relax sore muscles and even entertain guests and friends. As great as spas are, these water features are not always easy to manage, but Puddle Pools can help!

Professional Ladysmith hot tub maintenance works to not only create improved visuals, but to improve the overall function of your appliance and create an inviting and sanitary environment. Professional hot tub care operates at the structural level of your spa, as well as water chemistry and surrounding areas.

What Is Floating Around Your Spa?

Far from grabbing a garden hose to fill up your hot tub, there is a lot of effort and even science that goes into keep your tub in great shape. A hot tub is a great way to entertain but the more bodies that enter your system, the more often it needs to be cleaned. In the same way that bodies can impact your system, so can plant life.

Depending on the type of plants around your property, even a bit of wind or seasonal change can shed a lot of debris from trees, rooftops and surrounding areas. Light materials like leaves will float along pool surfaces, while heavier items will sink to pool bottoms. Leaving items to sit on the bottom of a pool can lead to stains on liners.

Normally, a hot day is the ideal time to take a dip in a pool but it is also the ideal time to load up on sunscreen. SPF, hairspray, body lotions and other products soak off of skin and into spa water. These items can ultimately leave residue against the sides and walls of tubs, create slimy surfaces and lead to slips and falls. Stepping onto a slippery step can mean sliding and falling backward, which can mean serious injury.

Hot Tub Cleaning: What to Know

Proper hot tub cleaning can be broken down into surrounding areas and equipment, surfaces and water care. Understanding how to treat one of these is great but when you want the best results, it is important to treat all three.

Surrounding Areas & Equipment: The area around your hot tub is a key contributor to its overall condition. Everything from the type of plants surrounding your spa to the equipment that you put in it play a role in water chemistry. For example, if a floating skimmer or even hot tub cover has algae clinging to it, it will add unwanted bacteria into the water.

Surfaces: Body oils and products leave a residue behind. This residue can cling to the sides and surfaces of your hot tub shell. This means steps become slippery but this can also lead to contaminated water. Balancing water chemistry is impossible when you’ve got foreign germs floating nearby. Deep cleans require draining water and scrubbing sides to eliminate any buildup that might be present.

Water Care: Keeping water clean is an ongoing process. It is simple enough to grab a test kit but these can only do so much. Test strips can point out issues but they do not provide a “how-to” on fixing it. Safe and sanitary environments are made through the proper balancing of chemicals like chlorine or bromine. A professional hot tub cleaner can not only balance sanitizers but inspect spa filters as well.

Safe Treatments, Great Results

It is not uncommon for a hot tub owner to take on regular cleaning practices themselves. This might seem like a good idea from the outset but this does not guarantee good results. Many property owners aim to reduce operating costs by taking on the cleaning practices themselves but with so many moving parts, there are tons of opportunity for areas to be missed. Hiring a professional to clean your water features means insured service and great results.

Hiring expert service for your swimming pool or hot tub might seem like an added expense but it is more affordable than the repairs and replacements that come along with neglect. In addition to keeping our technicians safe, Puddle Pool experts are also committed to protecting your appliance. Even simple steps like cutting power to the hot tub before working on motors can help to prevent damage and potential injury.

Calling in the Puddle Pros

From scrubbing your spa cover to balancing hot tub water, there is nothing that our Puddle Pool Services can’t handle. Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured and highly trained. Having your water balanced and your hot tub filters checked by a Puddle Pro is as simple as making a phone call.

Depending on the amount of traffic that passes through your system, some hot tubs will require more frequent service than others. By offering weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service options, our Puddle Pros can handle all sizes and styles of pool, around any type of property.

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