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Whistler is one of the top tourists spot in the country! With tourists flocking to this West Coast location, there is a ton of demand for home rentals, hotel bookings and retreats, and swimming pools can make a world of difference. Whether in your own backyard or in a commercial or rental space, a great pool is a huge draw and our Puddle technicians want to help! Professional Whistler pool opening services are able to create sanitary swim spaces at the first sign of warm weather. Keep your rooms booked, your water system in great shape and boost your curb appeal with one call to a Puddle Pro.

Over the course of the swimming season, pools are often cleaned and maintained regularly. When the weather begins to cool, pool owners are quick to throw on a pool cover and forget about water systems. A proper closing can help to protect the structural integrity of your pool and avoid damage over the cold months, but when spring comes back around, property owners are eager to dive back in. After months of sitting idle, the best way to care for your pool is to have an expert do it for you!

When & How to Open Your Pool

If you are eager to open your water system in the spring, it is always a good idea to look ahead for a quick and efficient opening. The most common time to open a pool is the May long weekend but this is not set in stone. When the average temperature outside reaches 21 degrees, it is time to open up your water system. In order to get the best results possible, it is important to treat your pool one step at a time!

Dealing With Debris: Even when pools are covered, debris will find a way to sneak inside. Every year, pool owners remove the cover from their system to find a ton of debris that is both floating across surfaces and sunken to the bottom of pools. It is easy to spot clutter in obvious areas but it is important to check on your filtration system, as well. Pulling debris out of skimmer baskets and other sensitive areas, can help to prevent serious clogs that can impact the circulation system. Anyone can vacuum the pool bottom, but these tools often are not made to reach into corners or hard angles, and cannot remove residue that formed over the cold season.

Restoring Water Levels: A big part of pool closings is dropping the water level in systems so it falls below the skimmers and jets. Dropping the water level on closing can protect the structures and inner-workings of pool systems, but it is important to restore these levels before starting up your system. In addition to refilling pool water, it is important to inspect drain plugs to ensure that they are open and allow water to pass through.

Inspect Structures & Mechanisms: Over the course of winter months, your structures have to contend with the cold. If not winterized properly, it is possible for water to seep into mechanisms and freeze, leading to expansion, brittle materials and costly damage. In order to spot an issue with materials, it is important to have the right knowledge and technical skill to know where to look. Our technicians understand where to look and what to look for. Inspecting the pump and filter of your system can give valuable insight into the best way to get results.

Puddle Pool Services: More Than Just Pool Cleaning

Whether you are dealing with a single pool in your backyard or a lap pool in a fitness centre, a proper opening can make a world of difference to the overall condition of your swim space. When you want the best results for your spring pool care, just call a local expert to get the job done. Having your water tested and balanced by a professional makes it possible to make the most out of the season by creating a sanitary swim space, right from the get-go.

Pool maintenance involves checking everything from chlorine levels and the pool filter, to inspecting circulation systems and structures. By providing an in-depth, multi-step approach over the course of several days, our Puddle technicians make sure that there is nothing left behind inside pools and hot tubs.

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