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Whistler Hot Tub Maintenance

There is never a bad time to take a dip in a hot tub or spa. It might be the dead of winter or a cool summer evening, but a soak is always a great way to take the edge off of a stressful work day. When managing a high traffic area like recreation centres, hotels or communal pools in multi-unit environments, or just looking to care for a backyard spa, cleaning is a complicated process.

Calling a Puddle Pool technician for your Whistler hot tub maintenance means a safe and sanitary environment, with none of the heavy lifting being passed onto property owners. Keeping water clean means eliminating bacteria, preventing water-borne illness and making the most out of your water feature.

Regular Hot Tub Cleaning: Health and Wellness

Keeping spa water clean is not just a matter of visual appeal, but it is a question of safety for everyone inside. There is no telling exactly what is floating in your hot tub water, but there are a few key culprits that keep spas in bad shape:

Skin Oils: In a high traffic area, each body that enters a hot tub leaves a mark behind. Even with a preliminary shower, skin oils and hair are released into your system. All it takes is one large party to cause imbalance in water chemistry.

Hair and Skin Products: As if organics weren’t bad enough, hairsprays, SPF and body lotions can wreck the balance of your pool water. With the the right type of hot tub chemicals or balanced sanitizer levels, bacteria will begin to form and spread.

Floating Debris: Just like pools, hot tubs are at the mercy of the elements and surrounding plant life. For those trees and shrubs that are known to shed leaves and needles, skimming surfaces is extremely important but what about items that sink? A spa cover or lid can help to protect against the majority of these unwanted items but not all of them.

Hot Tub Care: Expert Service, Expert Results

It is easy enough to walk into a store for water test strips or other basic cleaning products but just because you get them, doesn’t guarantee that you will use them correctly. After years in the industry, there is nothing that our team of highly-trained spa experts can’t handle. More than just improving the look of your space, our experts help to create a safe and usable space, no matter the size or style of your pool, and at any time of year!

Do-It-Yourself attempts to clean your tub may seem like a good idea at the time but it can do more harm than good. Ignoring hot tub filters can lead to unseen issues over time, while failing to scrub sides can leave behind bacteria. When you hire a professional, Puddle Pool Pros arrive on-scene to test the water and do a deep-dive into your system.

In addition to balancing chemical levels and sanitizers like chlorine or bromine, pool specialists understand the best way to provide a full service clean. For example, when performing a line flush or working on a motor, it is always a good idea to cut power to the hot tub to avoid any unforeseen accidents. From spa filters to hot tub covers and beyond, our specialists work to keep your hot tub cleaner, longer.

Puddle Pool Services: Locally Owned and Operated

More than just another pool cleaning company, Puddle Pool Services are locally owned and operated. Being committed to the community is a part of our mission statement and great results are always the goal. With fully insured services, our technicians provide peace of mind as well as great results.

Whistler Hot Tub Maintenance

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