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Whistler Seasonal Pool Maintenance

The Whistler area is known for its winter sports scene but this highly desired location welcomes tourists all year-round. With that in mind, it is important to maintain safe and sanitary environments. Keeping your pool in great shape is about more than skimming surfaces, it is about keeping your space in great shape all year long, and Puddle Pros can help!

Puddle Pool experts can not only balance your chlorine levels and scrub surfaces but they can also help with your Whistler seasonal pool maintenance. As seasons change, your system goes through a lot. From a pool opening in summer to a pool closing in winter, it is difficult to keep track of what your system needs but our specialists can help.

Seasonal Pool Care: Going From Hot to Cold

British Columbia is known for its mild winters but the higher you go, the colder it gets. This means caring for water features according to climate. There is a lot more to caring for your water feature than just putting on a winter cover and taking it off in the spring.

Opening Up In Spring: For those who don’t mind a bit of a chill, early Spring may seem like the opportune time to get the ball rolling on your pool opening. Chances are that you have dropped the water levels of your pool and spa. Before you grab a garden hose and begin to fill it up, there are some steps that should be taken first, like a chlorine shock!

Closing Down in Fall: As the mercury begins to drop, chances are that your foot traffic is doing the same. It is no secret that freezing temperatures can lead to expanding and contracting, which can mean serious issues when water is involved. Before closing down, our experts work on winterizing plugs, removing and cleaning pool equipment, as well as applying all of the necessary chemicals and sanitizers to treat any remaining water before covering it for the cold months.

Pool Cleaning & Care

At a surface level, swimming pools seem pretty uncomplicated: remove the cover and jump into a tub. Unfortunately, maintenance is not this easy! There are many types of plants at play throughout Whistler B.C. and that means all sorts of organic debris weighing on your space. It is easy enough to grab a skimmer but when items sink to the bottom of the pool, things become more complicated. Leaving items submerged on pool bottoms can lead to damage over time.

A quick water sample and test strips can help to point out imbalances in chemicals and sanitizers. Clean water can help to keep sides, steps and surfaces looking their best and free of algae and bacteria. From inspecting your sand filter and circulation systems to inspecting motors and liner conditions and even cleaning off pool covers, there is nothing that our experts can’t handle.

Fully insured staff make it possible for property owners to kick back in the steam room, while our Puddle Pros handle the heavy lifting. After years in the industry, our team of highly-trained experts can handle it all, in any season. Call today for a free estimate and get your pool running better than ever.

Whistler Seasonal Pool Maintenance

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