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After spending the winter months cooped up inside pool owners want to fire up their water systems at the first sign of warm weather. More than just pulling back a winter cover and cannonballing in, pool water is likely all kinds of contaminated! After sitting idle for months at a time swimming pools are likely cloudy, discoloured, smell terrible, and are full of unwanted debris. Trying to tackle these issues with an amateur approach can mean missing out on the first warm days of spring, so leave it to an expert instead! Professional Richmond Hill pool opening services restore water condition, ditch debris and help you make the most out of the swim season. 

There is a big difference between having to clean your pool and opening it up after a long off-season. Simple test strips can help guide you to correct small imbalances in water chemistry but these aren’t enough to restore water condition after a closure. When you want the best results for your swim space, ditch the DIY approach and call Puddle instead. 

The Best Way to Open Your Pool: Spring Pool Care Made Easy 

The first step to opening a pool is to remove the cover but what you find below the surface might be a shock. Even with a cover on, debris has a way of making its way inside pool systems, algae will form and water will be contaminated. In addition to water condition, restoring a swim space means handling the internal systems that keep your water flowing. Everything from the pool pump, filters, return lines and heaters play a role in condition and function and that is why Puddle technicians break the opening process down into multiple steps. 

Restoring Water Condition: When opening your pool for the season, it is important to undo everything that was done on closing. This means grabbing a garden hose and refilling the water level, as well as opening drain plugs so water can flow through freely. Clearing cloudy or discoloured water can’t be done in one shot but it all starts with a chlorine shock treatment. This step will result in a largely superficial improvement but it will enable technicians to see what is going on below the surface. Debris can then be removed and sides scrubbed, paving the way for final water balancing. Water chemistry is based off of balancing key factors like chlorine levels, as well pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. 

Ditching Debris: Over the winter months debris will find a way to sneak into water systems. Lighter items will float along surfaces and if left, will rot and break apart into smaller pieces that will clog up filters or buildup inside skimmer baskets. It is easy to operate a basic pool skimmer, scooping out floating debris but other areas are not so simple. A pool vacuum can remove unwanted items from large, flat and open areas but they aren’t useful for corners or the hard angles around steps. These areas need to be cleaned using manual vacuums and specialty brushes to remove any residue that might have built up on walls near the water line. 

Managing Pool Equipment: Before you start to use your swimming pool for the season it is a good idea to test the water systems that are hard at work behind the scenes. Pool equipment can be divided into two categories: internal and accessories. Diving boards and slides are geared toward enjoyment and are optional — your pool will work without them. A pool pump, on the other hand is key to maintaining a sanitary swim space. Stagnant water is dirty water so pumps should always be circulating chemically treated water. Pumps should be working, filters should be keeping water clean and heaters should be helping to regulate temperature and our Puddle crews make sure that these are all working properly. 

Puddle Pool Services: Making the Most Out of the Swim Season 

From one season to another, proper pool care at any time of year plays a role in the overall condition of your swim space. If you want to take advantage of the warm weather, call a Puddle Pro to open your pool as soon as the average outdoor temperature reaches 21 degrees. Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Richmond Hill area so we understand what your water systems need and when. 

Puddle technicians take pride in their work and that is why you can always expect excellent results from our local crews. In addition to great results, Puddle clients can expect the peace of mind that comes from fully insured staff and services, along with affordable rates and transparent pricing. 

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