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When you are shopping for your dream home, chances are that there is going to be a pool in the backyard. As nice as nice as it is to have an accessible swim space right outside your back door it is important to know what condition the swimming pool is in before you sign on the dotted line. Whether you are selling or buying a home with a pool or are realizing that your water system isn’t running right, call Puddle for your Richmond Hill pool inspections.

A pool, spa or hot tub should always be a fun and safe place for your family and something as small as a tear in vinyl liners or poorly grounded railings can lead to serious issues, and the same goes for unseen damage to internal water systems. Whenever a property changes hands it is standard to have a home inspection done but not all home inspectors are familiar with swimming pools. When you want valuable insight into the condition of a swim space, don’t take a chance, call Puddle Pool Services instead! 

Swimming Pool Inspection Services: What to Expect 

For buyers, sellers, homeowners and real estate agents it is always a good idea to book professional pool inspections for home and commercial properties. There are many different types of inspections on the market, some of which are geared toward permitting and insurance purposes but these will often overlook function. No one wants to finalize a sale only to have to spend money on costly repairs and replacements.

In order to get the best results for your pool inspections our team of Puddle Pros have broken the process down into multiple steps, each of which address a different aspect of your pool health: 

Visual Inspections: A trained eye can spot existing issues, as well as point out potential ones. This can mean pointing out small tears in vinyl liners, slab cracks, broken tiles, or the presence of underground leaks, water loss or damaged equipment. 

Testing: One of the most important aspects of a swimming pool are their internal systems. Without a functioning pool pump, it is impossible to keep water sanitary. Instead of having to deal with repairs or replacements of equipment and components, have an expert provide you with a clean view of condition for a better understanding of upcoming treatment plans. 

Identify Safety Issues: Having an expert inspect your pool means insight into more than just structures and systems themselves. By including surrounding areas Puddle technicians help to keep swimmers safe. Pool decks, railings and ladders are all designed to keep poolsides safe but if they have become loose from their fastenings or are starting to fall apart they are serious hazards. A trained eye will point out potential problem areas so they can be corrected before dealing with a worst-case scenario. 

Please note that the goal of a Level I Pool Inspection are designed to provide peace of mind to potential buyers, sellers and homeowners but they do not come along with a written report. 

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Wesley Horniblow
5 out of 5

Puddle Pool Services was personable and respectful. You can tell that this business is run by people who care and love what they do. They will go over the top to make sure your needs are met and will make sure everything is completed to the best of their abilities. We are looking forward to our pool opening this spring and we can’t wait to try more of their services in the future, including their weekly maintenance program.

Ava Joharian
5 out of 5

Puddle Pools comes to our house every week and they are so easy to work with! They always leave us a clean and balanced pool with a detailed report of what was done. We really don't have to worry about the pool anymore, we know everything gets done on time, even when we are at work! Highly recommend!

miracle chibueze
5 out of 5

"I can't say enough good things about Puddle Pool Services! Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. They transformed my neglected pool into a sparkling oasis in no time. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction are truly commendable. I highly recommend Puddle Pool Services to anyone looking for reliable and top-quality pool maintenance.

Daniel kings
5 out of 5

Puddle is awesome! My pool is always spotless. And the techs are super friendly.

Taiwo Elida
5 out of 5

Puddle turns pool maintenance into an art – my pool is their masterpiece. Thanks Kevin for always doing an awesome job.

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