Richmond Hill Seasonal Pool Maintenance

As the seasons change, so will the needs of your swimming pool. Pool condition and water chemistry is always a top priority during the swim season but as temperatures begin to cool they often don’t get the same level of attention. Ontario might be a winter wonderland for residents but for your swimming pool cold weather is a serious problem. In the same way that cold weather is a problem for pools in fall, dirty water is a major issue when spring comes back around. Protect your pool from the cold and make the most out of your swim space in spring with Richmond Hill seasonal pool maintenance. 

Seasonal Pool Care: What to Do & When 

Anyone can do a quick internet search on tips for fall pool maintenance but these aren’t always effective. Don’t get stuck with subpar results or worse, a DIY disaster when you can call Puddle Pools instead. 

Spring Pool Care: Traditionally, pool owners choose to open their water systems for use over the May long weekend. This might seem like a good idea but it isn’t necessarily the ideal time for a pool opening. Opening too early leaves pools susceptible to cold snaps and damage while waiting too long can mean missing out on the first swimmable days of spring. The opening process involves undoing the closing process and restoring water condition. This means a whole lot of debris removal, heavy scrubbing, vacuuming, emptying skimmer baskets, water testing and balancing chlorine levels, pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. 

Fall Pool Care: One of the biggest risks facing swim spaces during the fall/winter season is freezing. Cold temperatures make plastic brittle and can cause pool water to freeze. It takes prolonged exposure to sub-zero temperatures for entire pool basins to freeze over but for small amounts of water sitting inside circulation systems it will happen much quicker. When frozen, water expands up to 9% which is enough to cause pipes to burst. By dropping the water level in an inground pool and winterizing drain plugs you prevent water from seeping into vulnerable areas where it might freeze and cause damage. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Pool Care At Any Time of Year 

A pool closing is not as simple as throwing on a pool cover and an opening isn’t as easy as taking it off again. Even with your pool covered there will be debris that makes its way inside and there will be contaminated water to contend with. Unlike a standard pool cleaning, seasonal care means taking a multi-step approach that protects and treats swim spaces inside and out. 

Puddle technicians are local to Richmond Hill and the surrounding area so we understand what your water systems are up against and the best time to get ready for a new season. Highly trained swimming pool specialists combined with top industry tools and techniques bring reliable services right to your front door. For affordable services, transparent pricing and the peace of mind that comes from fully insured services, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle Pro. 

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