Aurora Pool Leak Detection

Whether they are indoors or outside, leaks are always a problem but when dealing with a swimming pool it is a worst-case scenario. Even the smallest swimming pool leaks will lead to severe water loss and serious damage to not only your swim space but the surrounding area as well. If you are noticing water loss, don’t hesitate to call a local Puddle Pro for your Aurora pool leak detection services. Stop water loss in its tracks with one phone call to a Puddle crew. 

Diagnosing a Leak in Your Pool 

The signs of a leak aren’t always very clear. A pool leak can start small, getting worse over time or it can be obvious, often caused by physical damage. Some of the major indicators of water loss are higher water bills, lower water levels or, in extreme cases, pooling water in surrounding areas. Identifying problem areas in an above ground pool is simpler just because structures and plumbing are visible. When managing an inground pool, assessing problem areas become much more complicated. 

During periods of high heat or high use, it is common for a bit of natural water loss to occur. During the height of the swim season it is common to see anywhere from 3-5 inches of water loss over the course of a week. Any more than that and it might be time for a bucket test. This process involves setting a bucket of water next to the poolside so they are exposed to the same conditions. If after a few days the level in the pool is lower than the water level in the bucket, you are dealing with a leak! 

Identifying a leak is one giant step toward repairs but it is only the first step. Whether you are dealing with a residential pool or a commercial swim space, don’t hesitate to call a Puddle Pro for your pool leak detection needs. 

Puddle Pool Services: Leak Detection in Pools Made Easy 

Pool maintenance is tricky at the best of times but it is even worse when dealing with a leak. Don’t spend time and money on amateur detection practices when you can call a local expert instead. Every member of the puddle team is local to Aurora and the surrounding area, so you can expect timely service and reliable results. 

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