Aurora Seasonal Pool Maintenance

As one season rolls into another, it is important to keep up with your pool maintenance. When warm temperatures come around pool owners want to cannonball into the swim season but there is more to a pool opening than just throwing back pool covers and hopping in. The same goes for closings in fall: it takes time to prep your pool for a new season! Instead of dealing with the aftermath of an improper closing or missing out on warm weather, call Puddle for your Aurora seasonal pool maintenance. 

When the fall season rolls around you might not give your swim space much thought. The trouble with this is that freezing temperatures are a serious threat to the condition of your swim space and the surrounding area. Ontario winters are frigid and long-lasting. This means pools are in danger during the fall and have been sitting stagnant for months come spring. When you want to make the most out of the swim season, don’t hesitate to call a local Pro for all of your seasonal pool care needs. 

Protecting Your Pool At Any Time of Year 

Traditionally, pool owners stick to a seasonal schedule when it comes to their pool care needs. It is common practice to close pools down following the September long weekend and open them back up in time for the May long weekend. It might feel reassuring to have a schedule but this isn’t always the ideal timeframe for your swim space. 

Spring Pool Care: The best time to open your pool for the season is when the average outdoor temperature reaches 21 degrees. Opening too early leaves the door open for damage while waiting too long can mean missing out on the first days of the swim season. Following the winter months your swimming pool is likely full of debris, cloudy, discoloured and smelling awful. Don’t settle for a swamp when you can call Puddle for a clean, inviting and chemically balanced swim space. 

Fall Pool Care: All it takes is one quick internet search to come up with tons of tips for fall pool maintenance but relying on these can lead to serious damage and huge headaches. When temperatures drop to an average of 15 degrees it is time to shut down your system for the off-season. Frozen water will expand, causing pipes to burst and causing damage. In order to avoid this, it is important to drop the pool water level so it falls below the skimmer line, winterize drain plugs and apply winterizing chemical treatments to reduce the risk of freezing and algae growth. 

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