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A great pool can be the backbone of a business or help homeowners enjoy the summer season but a leaking pool is nothing but headaches. Swimming pool leaks don’t often happen all at once, they build up over time, starting off small and getting bigger over time. Swimming pool leaks don’t just mean having to refill water levels, they mean strain to your water systems, damage to surrounding areas and the high costs of repairs and replacements. Instead of waiting for the worst case scenario, call a Puddle Pro at the first sign of trouble. Professional Richmond pool leak detection services investigate water loss, isolate problem areas and help to organize leak repairs.

Part of what makes pool leak detection so tricky is that there are so many moving parts to water systems. In certain cases, leaks will be caused by physical damage, like a noticeable crack or tear in a pool liner, usually following serious storms or accidents. More often than not, leaks occur behind the scenes in inground pools. This means having to deal with underground leaks or plumbing leaks that are difficult to see and even harder to diagnose.

Leak Detection in Pools: What to Watch Out For

Pool leaks are not always obvious. In fact, there are plenty of areas of your pool that are vulnerable to springing a leak. One of the most obvious ways to determine whether or not you are dealing with a water leak is water loss. If you fill up your pool only to find it sitting below the jets and skimmer line, this is cause for concern. Water levels will change based on evaporation rate, temperatures and the amount of traffic that is in and out of your system.

For many pool owners, once water levels begin to drop it is time for the bucket test. This process involves taking a bucket of pool water and setting it next to the basin so the two are exposed to the same conditions. If the water level drops significantly lower in the pool than it does in the bucket, it is a sign that you’ve got a leak. In addition to water loss, you might notice utility and water bills on the rise along with daily operating expenses.

Once you have established that you are losing water, it is time to locate the leak. The first step to tracking down your leak is to determine whether you are dealing with a structural issue or a plumbing leak. There are many ways to do this but the most commonly used are pressure tests and dye tests.

Pressure Test: This type of testing uses consistent air flow inside plumbing and return lines. In the event that there is a leak in the internal water systems or pipes, it will produce air bubbles that can be followed. Underground leaks will saturate soil in surrounding areas and create gurgling sounds. Technicians will either be able to hear these sounds and follow them to isolate problem areas. For subtle leaks, speciality listening equipment can be used to track down even pinhole leaks.

Dye Test: Coloured dyes are fun to play with but they are also useful tools in the world of pool maintenance. If structural leaks are suspected, the pool pump should be turned off so water settles and sits still. From here, coloured dyes are strategically placed around swimming pools. Dyes weigh more than pool water and this means it will be more readily sucked up by the vacuum that a leak creates. From here, technicians can follow the dye and isolate the leak.

Puddle Leak Detection Services: Tracking Down Even the Toughest Leaks

If you begin to notice that your swimming pool is losing water, don’t hesitate to call a local pool specialist. After years in the industry, our team of highly trained Puddle Pros are able to identify leaks, isolate the areas that need to be treated and help to organize leak repairs. It is extremely rare to go from leak detection to completely repaired in the span of 24 hours so that is why quick action is so important. With every day that you delay, you are losing more and more water and risking damage. By offering timely service for homes and commercial pools our team of Puddle technicians are able to treat swim spaces of all shapes, sizes, styles and in any location.

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